Ningxia to establish multivariate composite health care payment

by:Celecare     2020-06-24
On December 19, the reporter learns from the ningxia hui autonomous region bureau of health care, ningxia as the medicare payment reform to promote 3 d linkage, give play to the role of health care lever, formed in the total amount of prepaid as the basic, all-in according to macro-reforms, outpatient expenses according to the man's head, press disease score pay, pay by bed, multivariate composite payment method. Autonomous region health bureau deputy director WuJie that multivariate composite payment method used in regulating the behavior of medical service and improve the fund performance, reduce patients play an important role in medical expenses burden, etc. Have learned, in ningxia district in medical institutions in the hospital, all expenses such as appraisal indicators as the basis, to build hospital total costs, risk-sharing, overruns pays in advance, the balance of the retention medical insurance fund payment mode and fund payment by pay system after transformation for the prepaid system, effectively guide the medical institutions to strengthen medical quality control, to curb the excessive medical services, increasing the service efficiency of funds, unreasonable growth slows down the medical expenses. Ningxia in wuzhong city, meanwhile, the existing payment system, central city ninghxia innovation, improve the health benefits of a pilot project, introduced and carried out classification concept of diagnosis and treatment. In towns and townships, village clinics and community health service system of the outpatient all-in cost per head shall be paid in advance, county-level hospitals all-in total press disease hospitalization costs shall be paid in advance, has realized the poor population did not go to a doctor, personal burden of medical treatment, hospitalization fee increase, outpatient falls in both cost and fund operation risk five goals. In terms of press macro-reforms, ningxia into diseases has increased from 2011, 55 to 2017 in 107, 2018 in the whole range by macro-reforms, make more mature treatment, clinical pathway disease into macro-reforms of the specifications, effectively reduce the patients' medical burden. In addition, for some special cases, ningxia is also constantly explore other diversification of payment. For example, according to the characteristics of mental patients in hospital in ningxia to determine a mental by bed day all-in pay standards, reduce the cost of the psychiatric patients to the greatest extent; Explore pilot ambulatory surgery, sickbed turnover rate, and improve the shortening the average hospitalization day bed, reduce the patients' medical burden.
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