Ningxia more measures to solve the poor basic medical security problems

by:Celecare     2020-06-25
On September 4, the reporter learns from the ningxia hui autonomous region health committee, ningxia from ascension will county hospital service capability, establish counties and townships, rural integrated mechanism and so on, solve the problem of basic medical and health care for the poor is prominent, ensure to complete health poverty alleviation mission in 2020. According to the autonomous region health committee, the National Development and Reform Commission, departments and other departments jointly plan the ningxia solve the problem of poor basic medical guarantee outstanding work plan, ningxia will intensify efforts to reform and improve the county hospital facilities and protection of the normal operation of county-level hospitals. At the same time, ningxia will support depended, tertiary hospitals selected management and technical personnel as the recipient, vice President of the hospital or, director of the nursing department and discipline leaders, helping the team not less than 5 people, Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine can send 3 people) , each batch of staff working hours shall not be less than 6 months in a row, helping poverty-stricken county hospital to strengthen in view of the local disease clinical subject construction, promote internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, and emergency department common disease, frequently-occurring disease and part of the ability of diagnosis and treatment of critical patients. In the aspect of strengthening the construction of counties and townships, rural integrated integration mechanism, will encourage with hired counties in ningxia township and rural employment, for township hospitals and village clinics hire qualified medical personnel, and establish a sound system of pressure chi selected, through the towns and townships send doctors to carry out the inspection, in such way, the problem of lack of qualified doctors village clinics. At the same time, in the poorest counties gp AD hoc jobs plan, solve the problem of no medical practitioners in towns and townships. In addition, will also promote the county in ningxia medical body construction, on the one hand to carry out close county medical body construction, promote the medical administrative body, medical business, information systems, such as unified operation, improve the overall performance of the county medical and health services; On the other hand the county village in poor region, the integration of medical and health, explore the construction of county rural three-level linkage of health care and health management service, guide the urban medical resources to flow depth in poor areas.
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