Ningxia first national emergency medical rescue team through the acceptance

by:Celecare     2020-05-13
On January 8, after more than three years of construction, the first national emergency medical rescue team in ningxia smoothly through national WeiJianWei expert group acceptance, to fill the gaps in ningxia has no national emergency medical rescue team, enhance the ningxia emergencies emergency medical rescue ability and level. This is reporter 6 from the ningxia hui autonomous region health information. According to introducing, the rescue team existing 50, 42 reserve players, the team, professional management, medical treatment and nursing, and medical security, logistics, etc. , and equipped with emergency communication command, multi-function, power storage, such as vehicles, and breathing machine, monitor, infusion pumps and other equipment, can meet the demand of remote diagnosis, first-aid, and other functions. In the process of rescue team formed, ningxia actual combat simulation training and enhance the emergency drill, by nearly 20 times of training and emergency drills, constantly optimize accepts, blood, inspection such as inspection, operation process, improve the ability of actual combat. At present, the rescue team members can complete assembled within 2 hours after receiving instructions, prepared materials, partial time rushed to the scene first aid mission; Have the basic inspection (such as radiation, ultrasonic, electrocardiogram (ecg) Check) Ability, can be under condition such as electricity and consumables supply support complete, small surgery in 20 cases, day and night under observation patient 40 people; To the vehicles to enter the scene, the scene of not less than 15 m bandage, hemostatic, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other emergency disposal. Ningxia WeiJianWei in August 2016 to start the national emergency medical rescue team ( Ningxia) Construction project, determine the general hospital of ningxia medical university as the construction unit. Currently has coordinated special construction funds allocated 1141. 4. 75 million yuan.
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