Next year medical insurance and maternity insurance in jiangsu city as a whole

by:Celecare     2020-05-18
October 24, the provincial government office issued the about the implementation of the basic medical insurance and maternity insurance city as a whole '. Video meeting on October 23, the provincial government in the implementation of the comprehensive deployment. January 1 next year, the province implements the municipal medical insurance and birth insurance plan as a whole, this means that our province more than 7800 ginseng protect personnel to card conveniently nearby in the city within the scope of the network medical institutions for medical treatment that decide a dot, do relevant settlement business, with the same medical insurance rights and interests. At present, the basic medical insurance in our province are mainly composed of the county as a whole, the overall low level of policy fragmentation, the fund risk big, the public service is not unified problems loom large. Speed up the promotion of basic medical insurance and maternity insurance to plan as a whole level, improve the system of fund as a whole, is an important task of deepening the reform of medical security system. Do real city as a whole, which is beneficial to enhance the capacity of funds in all aid, strengthen the system of fairness, diversification in a larger scope, to ensure the safety of fund running smoothly, avoid duplication of ginseng. Provincial party committee, provincial government attaches great importance to this work, at the start of the year, will improve the basic medical insurance and maternity insurance to plan as a whole hierarchy included in the provincial party committee deep change this year annual work points and the provincial government's top ten major task priority item. The printing of the 'opinions', marks the old-age insurance of primary medical treatment in our province and birth insurance reform on the city as a whole, thus to promote a more fair and more sustainable health care system, enhance the fairness and promote medical security system fund anti-risk ability, improve the overall level of health insurance foundation, let the masses feel fair and get more benefits. 'Opinions' clear, the province next year to implement the basic policy and treatment standard, fund management, agency management, six unified management, information system of basic medical insurance and maternity insurance city as a whole system. , inhabitants has difficulties in paying the health city as a whole, to take effective measures to actively yet prudently proceed with, to ensure that in December 31, 2021 for six unity; Individual is difficult to implement residents health city as a whole region, after the permission by the municipal government to the provincial government, can be extended to December 31, 2022. The districts, the original each project as a whole the area treatment standard gap is too large, can implement the transition period of 2 years. The provincial government requirements, each city divided into districts to a concrete implementation plan before the end of November this year, from next year, will enlarge the surface collects pay, residents medical insurance fundraising, pay pay, designated management, fund budget management, fund unified collection state implementation in various counties (such as City, area) Work responsibility system of the people's government of the inspection and annual comprehensive assessment scope, intensify examination, strict disciplinary measures.
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