New 'zero' for 15 days, why? — — Hubei xianning comprehensive deployment mobilized the epidemic prevention and control effect

by:Celecare     2020-07-01
On March 9, realize zero new cases of the 15 days in a row, each county city in hubei province the latest outbreak, risk level assessment report full out high risk during outbreak response, south hubei eco-circumstances and comprehensive deployment, mobilized, epidemic prevention and control of the people's war, total war, the war situation gradually improved. Outbreak is the big test, xianning, is focus on writing in the spring. Every minute counts, the rate of hospital patients cured top race it was a racing with time. On January 20, zone spreading mechanism picturephone meeting of the State Council, the comprehensive deployment on the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work. In the evening, bani xianning municipal party committee municipal government issued the epidemic prevention and control work. The soldier's asset. The next day, xianning established new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters, party and government main leaders as the commander, unified command, unified and harmonious and unified scheduling. Outbreak, urgent! Eco-circumstances and rapidly develop the epidemic prevention and control work plan, heighten the epidemic prevention and control of war. Quick words lead, xianning strive to achieve rapid cut off. On January 24th, xianning city, comprehensive to all schiscosomiasis, community, community, residential areas the most tightly closed control for 24 hours. Weight at the same time, according to the epidemic prevention and control tasks, the community is divided into red zone, the yellow area, green area to the categorized management, improve the precision of the prevention and control measures, organize and 4. More than 60000 party members and cadres sinking community volunteer service, trying to control. Carpet MoPai wuhan returned personnel, has a history of wuhan travel personnel, suspected cases had close contact with these three kinds of personnel; Strict isolation for three kinds of personnel; Strict controls of various kinds of activities in rural areas, the epidemic prevention and control comprehensively strengthen as well. The reporter learns from the eco-circumstances new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control command, the eco-circumstances overall MoPai successively carried out three times, the cumulative screening more than 2. 97 million people. The eco-circumstances also deployed in advance, the various counties urban district people's hospital for medical, one thousand ways to increase ward, beds, full of schedule, implement such as a bed. Forward identifying mark, the eco-circumstances for all confirmed cases of close contacts, all fever patients under observation in a timely manner the nucleic acid detection and CT screening, early closed early screening, early detection treated early. As of March 7, 24, the eco-circumstances zero new for 15 days, hospital cure rate was 95. 81%, ranked second in hubei province. Combination of Chinese and western, the first to promote the depth of interventional diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine on March 8, China academy of traditional Chinese medicine, the Swedish karolinska medical double postdoctoral Wang Weiwu again with xianning local medical experts, to discuss the treatment of patients. In a line, he has fought for more than a month. On January 28, from Sweden's home visit Wang Weiwu well-documented, join the eco-circumstances new crown battalion medical prevention and control of pneumonia and expert team, and free public research of traditional Chinese medicine prescription. It is reported, after the outbreak, the eco-circumstances earmarks 8 million AIDS prevention and control of traditional Chinese medicine, give full play to their comparative advantage, which combines traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine according to different stages, different types of patients, classified ShiCe, accurate power. On January 31, research by the expert group discussion, the eco-circumstances in hubei province was the first to put forward with the use of TCM and western medicine treatment, and issued in reference. On February 1, the eco-circumstances arrange hospital experts to efforts to develop TCM diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. The use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the basic cover all cases together Chinese and western medicine, effectively shorten the course of the disease, improve the cure rate, death rate, reduce the disease patients after drinking Chinese traditional medicine, lesions absorb much better. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) play an important role in the treatment. Yunnan medical team charr group leader Shen Wen said. Grow together, hand in hand to fight alongside war, the south of the colorful cloud from yunnan province's strong support, become extremely important support strength. Chinese New Year on January 27, grade, yunnan 138 medical staff of the first aid medical team, rescue of xianning; On February 12th, from yunnan hospitals, 355 medical backbone, arrived in xianning in addition to the support staff, yunnan also to carry out the move type support, a lot of material flowing to xianning - the closet - - - - - - Masks, medicines, medical apparatus and instruments, send! Grain and oil, flour, send! Notoginseng, potatoes and other products, packaging to send! Ninglang county potato sacks that day, under the sleet, the villagers take snow loading overnight; Ham township of qujing city planned deployment of 32 tons of pork, the actual loading 34. 7 tons; Learned that the eco-circumstances need negative pressure ambulances, yunnan planned order for provincial epidemic prevention and control of the vehicle to change the destination, midway transshipment xianning only as of March 2, 39 batches eco-circumstances and all kinds of materials have received from yunnan, as well as a large endowment, worth over one hundred million yuan. The most important treatment for severe, critically ill patients, yunnan medical team also give great support. Both sides, rescue - life - - - - - - Together to complete a new crown pneumonia maternal cesarean section surgery, mother and son peace; Cure the eco-circumstances new crown, the 96 - year - old oldest pneumonia patients disease, continues. We will resolutely implement the CPC Central Committee decision deployment and hubei provincial party committee work schedule and unshakable pays special attention to the epidemic prevention and control, the best treatment for patients, as a whole to promote economic and social development, to safeguard social harmony and stability.
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