New crown pneumonia close contacts and suspected cases of isolated way differ

by:Celecare     2020-05-19
On March 4, all the pathogens of infectious diseases the body does not immediately after the onset of infection, from infection to onset of this paragraph of time is called the incubation period. Though not every new pneumonia get the new virus, close contacts, but there are some new crown virus infection may, just in the latent period, has not come on, also have no symptoms, and the incubation period of the new champions league infected also infectious. New crown pneumonia suspected cases, although has not been confirmed, but they tend to have a new contact crown pneumonia cases, and already showing symptoms, pneumonia, or CT performance may also have two kinds of performance, new crown pneumonia may cannot be ruled out. On March 2, the new crown pneumonia epidemic in guangxi early found early report, early isolation and treatment scheme of news conference in guangxi new coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control work leading group headquarters big treatment expert group members, the guangxi zhuang autonomous region people's hospital, medical director of respiratory and critical care medicine and director of infectious diseases department zhi-qiang qin said. Zhi-qiang qin said, infectious disease prevention and control principle is isolated, block transmission way, treat sick people and protect vulnerable groups. Isolation close contacts and new crown pneumonia suspected cases is to avoid the possible source of infection in the general population contact, achieve the goal of isolated and protection of vulnerable groups. Close contacts and isolation method of new crown pneumonia suspected cases have in common, there are also differences. Zhi-qiang qin, in common is the living room management, and symptoms of a medical staff to observe every day monitoring, the difference is isolated locations, observing monitoring content and management in a different way. One is isolated place different: close contacts in the centralized medical observation points isolation; Suspected cases in the medical establishment that decide a dot. 2 it is to observe different monitoring content: close contacts of fever and symptoms, focuses on whether the virus nucleic acid detection and in accordance with the provisions; Suspected cases in addition to the observation of symptoms, but also many new crown, the virus nucleic acid testing to determine whether the new crown cases of pneumonia. What circumstance can remove isolation? New crown pneumonia incubation period for the most part within 14 days. Close contacts, therefore, since the last contact new crown after pneumonia cases or asymptomatic patients, medical observation full 14 days, if have no symptoms and ruled out without symptoms of infection, can remove medical observation. Suspected cases during the period of isolation, if the new virus nucleic acid testing positive, into confirmed cases, according to the confirmed case management; If the nucleic acid testing two or more are negative, excluding new crown pneumonia after also need to other similar performance of the new champions league pneumonia disease treatment, more than 3 days, the temperature returns to normal condition improved markedly after will lift the isolation.
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