New crown fire mountain's hospitals pneumonia diagnosed patients has more than one thousand people

by:Celecare     2020-06-15
The reporter understands from vulcan hill hospital, as of February 12, 24, the new crown fire mountain's hospitals pneumonia diagnosed patients have had one thousand people, the logo on fire mountain hospital has run at full capacity. Recently, with the gradually perfect of supporting construction, vulcan hill hospital increasing new crown pneumonia confirmed the number of treated patients. It is understood that the smoke set of support staff, mostly in various units business backbone, some took part in the fight against SARS, the outbreak of the ebola virus and other major medical rescue, there are quite a few department head or breathing, infections, such as severe medical experts and the leader in the field of food science. At present, all the beds, including intensive care unit, have been closed. Vulcan hill hospital dean Zhang Sibing introduction, early treated patients, with medical staff's careful treatment, the vast majority of the illness tends to be stable, good mental state. Next, the hospital will take academic advantages, technological advantages and experience of the experts backbone advantage, into the overall advantages of medical treatment in each patient, were treated with implementation of individualized diagnosis and treatment, and cooperate with the nutritional therapy and psychological counseling and rehabilitation training of the trinity model of comprehensive treatment.
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