Need to speed up the transformation of WeiJianWei strengthening old-age care hospital

by:Celecare     2020-05-22
On December 24, refer to 'notice' to promote medical resources rich area part of the first class and second class hospital to nursing homes, rehabilitation hospital transformation. Following the issued by The General Office of the State Council on promoting the development of the endowment service opinion ', after December 20, 2019, the national health committee, united state administration of traditional Chinese medicine issued the notice on strengthening the aged care services ( Hereinafter referred to as 'notice') , clear increase aged care service of medical institutions and growth in the number of beds and medical institutions of aged care services and so on five parts mainly work tasks, required the health administrative department at the provincial level for jurisdiction to speed up the work plan for the development of elderly care services, and in 2020, the state health committee on February 17th, medical administration hospital authority. Promote class hospital transformation into a nursing home, CCTV net reported data shows our country 60 elderly population has reached over the age of 2. More than 4000 500 million, disability, the elderly. Therefore, the demand is very urgent medical care. 'Notice' requirements, the local health administrative department of health according to the number of elderly people within their respective jurisdictions, disease characteristics, medical care demand, etc. , combined with the actual, scientific aged care service system planning, establishment covers elderly acute and chronic disease stage, rehabilitation, long-term care, life of end-stage nursing service system. It is worth noting that the 'notice' noted that some level to promote medical resources transformation to nursing homes, rehabilitation hospital, secondary hospital. Besides, vigorously promote grading diagnosis and treatment in the country, on the basis of the 'notice' also for tertiary hospitals, secondary hospitals and community health service center at all levels of medical institutions such as pension services make the arrangements, such as encouraging the tertiary hospitals run by social forces to actively participate in pension services, encourage secondary geriatric medicine hospital setting, conditional grassroots medical institutions may set up domestic sickbed, day care centers. 。 。 。 。 。 Improve the technical level of workers aged care workers, the service level will surely affect the quality of the elderly's pension services, at the same time also can affect the overall level of medical institutions, therefore, is critical to the professional and technical training to the employees. Stressed that the 'notice' according to the function orientation of medical institutions, in a planned way, hierarchical nurse within the medical institutions to carry out targeted training, improving the capacity of elderly care services, including special emphasis to strengthen secondary hospitals, nursing homes, Station) , nursing center, nurse training of the basic medical institutions, and to enhance the common disease, frequently-occurring disease in the elderly care, old psychological care, aged care professional technical level, especially for disability and ability of the elderly care services. Public tertiary hospitals in addition to aged care within their respective jurisdictions technical support, personnel training, such as tasks, helping and leading role into full play. Encourages continuity 'notice' to encourage medical institutions in combination with the actual nursing mode, active innovation rich multi-level and differentiation of aged care service mode; Encourage conditional medical institutions actively continuity of care services for elderly patients, institutional care extends to the community and home; Supports grassroots health institutions and nursing service mode innovation, rich for disability or day care, home care, family - the old beds and other services. In addition, the 'notice' to encourage conditional areas and medical institutions actively explore Internet + nursing service mode, and to provide elderly care services related to medical institutions into medical couplet, high-quality large hospital nursing resources should play the role of helping to drive. At the same time, the national health committee and the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine also jointly issued the 'about printing of aged care professional nurse training outline ( Trial) And aged care practice guidelines ( Trial) Notice for all aged care professional nurse training and medical institutions to provide elderly care services.
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