Nearly 30 classes limited surgery consumable purchase quantity will decline

by:Celecare     2020-07-02
On July 18, cardiovascular intervention, 30 medical technologies such as artificial joint replacement is limited, related material purchasing quantity will fall. Limited clinical application of medical technical catalogue published recently, Shanghai WeiJianWei issued the Shanghai & lt; Measures for the management of clinical application of medical technology & gt; Detailed rules for the implementation '( Hereinafter referred to as 'the detailed rules for the implementation in Shanghai') To cardiovascular interventional diagnosis and treatment technology, the technique of artificial hip and knee replacement, 30 technology such as neural vascular interventional diagnosis and treatment technology included in the directory (' Shanghai limited clinical application of medical technology The 2019 version) 》  ( Image: Shanghai WeiJianWei) In medical technology are included in the catalog, cardiovascular interventional treatment technology involves stents, catheter, guide wire, embolism, needles and other much kind of high-value consumables, mainly relates to artificial hip and knee replacement technology and artificial intervertebral disc consumables such as values, 13 kinds of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment technology is involved in endoscope, puncture outfit class of medical equipment. Related medical technology limited, which leads to the drop, he also is bound to cause the loss of hospital consumables usage and purchase quantity. More medical technology or will be limited to restricted the clinical application of technology is not only the above 30, the future may have more clinical application techniques are listed in the restricted directory. 'Detailed rules for the implementation in Shanghai', according to the safety, efficacy precise, but there is one of the following circumstances medical technology belong to limit such technology: 1, the technical difficulty is big, high risk and the service ability of medical institutions, personnel levels have high professional requirements, you need to set constraints; 2, need to consume scarce resources; 3, involved in major ethical risk; 4, there is no reasonable clinical application, it is necessary to focus on management. According to the detailed rules for the implementation of Shanghai, Shanghai set up a dynamic management mechanism, according to the actual situation, to limit such technology directory for dynamic assessment and adjustment. Related techniques are listed in the directory, will be strict management, the detailed rules for the implementation in Shanghai 'applies to Shanghai city at various levels and medical institutions and medical personnel to carry out medical technology clinical application. At the same time, limit the clinical application of such technology, standardized management will be formulated by the municipal health issue or entrust a specialized organization for release, and submitted to the national health committee for the record. Must be included for prohibited class technology and restricted directory of medical technology, medical institutions may, in accordance with their functions and tasks, technical ability, decide to carry out the clinical application, and shall be carried out for medical technology clinical application of strict management. Shanghai rules effective as of, August 15, 2019, will expire on August 14, 2024. No special operating room, less clinical experience of institutions need to pay attention to while some are listed in the restricted directory of medical treatment, be restricted technology, but limited does not represent a ban. In fact, the national WeiJianWei in August 2018, that is issued by the 'medical technology clinical practice management method', the requirement of medical institutions shall be in accordance with the relevant medical technology clinical practice management regulations, carry out self assessment, qualified can limit the clinical application of such technology. In addition, as early as in 2015, the original national health development planning commission has released the 2015 edition of the national catalog of limited clinical application of medical technology, including hematopoietic stem cell transplantation technology, 15 medical technology such as ventricular assistive technology. Ventricular assistive technology, for example, the original national health development planning commission issued in February 2017 medical technology management norms, has been clear about the medical institutions and medical personnel to carry out the minimum requirements of ventricular aided technology, the blue parker instrument compiled a more important part of the requirements: 1, special medical institutions need to have a heart big vascular surgery operating room, cardiovascular imaging room and cardiovascular intensive care unit. 2 and medical institutions to carry out the heart vascular surgery clinical diagnosis and treatment work for more than 10 years, not less than 50 beds, medical institutions are completed each year not less than 1000 cases of surgical cases. 3, the development of ventricular assist technology has more than 10 years the heart vessels have professional working experience of clinical diagnosis and treatment, the gain of doctor of vice director of more than 5 years professional technical position qualifications. Compared to former state development planning commission in 2017 of medical technology management specification, Shanghai's upcoming restricted technology clinical practice management specification may be strict. , therefore, the lack of clinical physicians, the hardware facilities of experienced medical institutions, all may not be able to carry out some restricted the clinical application of medical technology, the medical institution itself and related medical consumables suppliers, will cause a big impact.
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