National WeiJianWei meeting again improve grassroots medical subsidies

by:Celecare     2020-07-09
On December 12 health poverty alleviation is strong at the grass-roots level, how strong? Strong? National WeiJianWei gives the answer. At a news conference today, the national WeiJianWei, introduce what is related to health poverty alleviation and fixed-point poverty alleviation work, mainly introduced the positive progress was made in qinghai province and jiangxi province yudu county health poverty alleviation. In the process of health poverty alleviation, grassroots medical institutions are always go to in a line. Grassroots medical service ability and security of first-line treatment, is directly related to the implementation of the health and poverty alleviation. For improving the capacity of grassroots safeguard, this meeting and relevant experts made a detailed introduction. Strengthen the rural doctors aid health committee, deputy director of qinghai province Li Xiuzhong said in an interview with reporters grassroots doctors commune, qinghai provincial public finance to rural doctors uniform for 1 per person each year. 50000, and this is just a part of provincial financial burden, on the local will have corresponding subsidy. In addition, in order to encourage rural doctors to improve their ability, assistant practicing doctors' qualifications, or technical secondary school education background of village doctor, can get extra 1000 yuan subsidy. In endowment parts, parts of qinghai has been the village doctor into town worker endowment insurance, increase the old-age security for it. In view of the village doctor have exited to age, the government establish guarantee mechanism, make the old village doctor after exit still have certain life safeguard, which also makes on-the-job village doctor fewer worries about the future. Big zhengning county of linfen in Shanxi Province vice secretary of the county party committee, establish resplendence ardently integrated poverty alleviation funds, rebuilding the 75 funding a new clinic, recruitment of 42 village doctor added outline, and equipped with medical equipment and commonly used drugs. Especially large zhengning county government in order to save the village doctor, issued a 'about in the village photovoltaic income for the village doctor subsidies notice, since July 1, 2019, from each of the village collective income in photovoltaic efficiency, monthly subsidy of 1000 yuan for each rural doctors and stabilized the village doctor. Increase of grassroots doctors compiled security Li Xiuzhong introduction, promote the implementation of the employing mechanism reform, allowing flexibility of choose and employ persons in public hospital autonomy, preparation of total public hospitals in their employ. Increases total compiled for approval at the grassroots level, increase the grassroots of the proportion of senior, intermediate professional and technical, in the county within the scope of use of senior and intermediate title as a whole. In this way make our talent county township county tube with or rural village of hired by the way, to enrich the team at the grass-roots level, enrich the people. Li Xiuzhong commune to grassroots doctors a reporter, although western poverty-stricken areas condition is relatively difficult, but also trying to think of some way to improve welfare. Previously, the proportion of senior professional titles at the grass-roots level is lower, especially senior titles accounted for very low. So to increase the proportion of senior medical institutions at the grassroots level to grassroots doctors can also get the subtropical high titles. Suburb of linfen, Shanxi Province, vice secretary of the county Ma Aili since 2015, a total of 63 new and renovated village clinic. This year through city station, county, township, rural village of employment, village, a total of 37, has invested 314. 30000 yuan, the implementation of village clinics infrastructure projects, for township hospitals and village clinics equipment equipment and essential drugs. Strengthen grass-roots medical personnel training work promote grassroots medical service ability is the core of strong basic goal. On this, the ganzhou city in jiangxi province yudu Cai Lanfang, deputy head of the people's government, said us to all the village doctor training in rotation, and make sure they need income, let the village health they take root in the countryside. At the same time, trained 103 technical personnel enrichment in succession to the village doctor team. In county hospital and township hospitals choose some medical staff regular visits to the village. Through these measures to solve the surface in the village doctors, can watch the disease. Big zhengning county of linfen in Shanxi Province layer for rural medical and health personnel, in batches, according to the professional organization training more than 2000 people, greatly enhance the overall professional quality of grassroots health group. Completes the grassroots doctors work burden in practical terms, the burden of grassroots health workers health poverty alleviation mission is relatively heavy, is at the grass-roots level during the year 2019, national and local has released several relevant documents, to reduce poverty alleviation of formalism and bureaucracy. Li Xiuzhong commune, said doctors at the base in health poverty alleviation work, to avoid adding unnecessary tasks and burden, so as not to disturb the grass-roots doctor daily diagnosis and treatment work. Reduce the grass-roots medical personnel to fill out a form of pressure, remove repetitive form. In addition, to strengthen the construction of informatization, feedback health data for poverty alleviation through information network, reduce the burden of grassroots health workers. Health poverty alleviation ever-lasting and grassroots medical staff has a long way. Strengthening primary health care, to complete task of health poverty alleviation.
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