National WeiJianWei: intensify medical have combined with epidemic prevention and control of an organization

by:Celecare     2020-06-25
18th, it is pointed out that China's national health committee, at present, the epidemic situation is still grim and complex, various medical keep union institutions should put the elderly life safety and body health as the first, strengthen epidemic prevention and control of an organization, effective prevention of medical risk combined with the transmission. WeiJianWei state medical hospital authority deputy bureau telephoto, hui has said that the new type of coronavirus infection patients died of pneumonia cases more than 80% of the elderly over the age of 60, more than 75% of one or more than one basic diseases. According to official data released in 2019, the country set up 90 national medical combination of pilot city, set up a pilot unit at the provincial level 22 provinces. The country a total of nearly 4000 family medical institutions, medical institutions and pension institutions signed cooperation relationship of more than 20000. 18 issued 'about further completes the new champions have combined with institutions pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work of the notice, points out that to strengthen epidemic prevention and control of an organization. For after returning to school back, etc. , in order to strengthen the management of personnel in and out, is really necessary due to special circumstances return endowment area of elderly, proposed new check-in area endowment of the elderly and return staff, should be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions isolation, close observation, no abnormal rear can stop or mount guard work. During the outbreak, encourage the use of the Internet information technology means such as family care services for the elderly. Found within the institutions fever or suspected new crown pneumonia in the elderly or staff, shall report the matter immediately, and to do a good job of corresponding disposal according to the requirement. Don't treat ability, it shall timely patient referral to treatment ability of medical institutions. We need to eliminate organizations, the notice said cross infection risks. Except in accordance with the unified superior spreading mechanism and local defense deployment as fixed-point treatment of medical institutions, carry out the work of screening set up fever clinics, medical institutions, around during the outbreak of a combined with institutions shall not, without external fever patient medical screening activities. Pension agency set inside the clinic, nursing station, such as medical institution, shall, in accordance with the relevant requirements, for elderly patients admitted to the endowment agencies to provide medical and health services, shall not exceed the scope of license service foreign service. Circular stresses, the health administrative departments at various levels shall, in conjunction with the departments of civil affairs to strengthen medical and health institutions and pension agency industry regulation and control guide, supervise and urge the rectification to find problems in time. In epidemic prevention and control work conceal omission of leaders, lack of control and malfeasance 'lead to the spread of serious accountability for serious consequences.
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