National WeiJianWei about elderly patients healed age patients treatment success rate of nearly 70%

by:Celecare     2020-06-26
New crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of hubei province held a press conference, news center 16th national health committee medical hospital authority ombudsman JiaoYaHui introduced in elderly patients with pneumonia new champions league healing effect. JiaoYaHui said that wuhan overall cure rate was 94%, and the present new crown pneumonia in patients with severe cure rate more than 89%. Over the age of 80 - year - old age patients treated in patients with severe occurrence twice for the general population, over 80 - year - old patient treatment success rate of nearly 70%. JiaoYaHui said, to have basic diseases of the old man take grading treatment strategy. At present, in patients with underlying conditions is lighter, each district in wuhan city to specify a secondary hospital for monitoring treatment; For patients with more severe basic diseases, wuhan has four 3 armour hospital for treatment; For more severe disease the basis of the old man, will be treated in wuhan tongji hospital of wuhan union hospital, 4 national and provincial hospital. We've come to the conclusion that the combination of five new crown pneumonia treatment experience. JiaoYaHui introduction, the first is the combination of basic medicine and clinical medicine. New crown pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan seventh edition joined the pathology research content, through the died because of the new champions league pneumonia patients to conduct autopsy on the bodies, understand the disease mechanism, so as to guide treatment. The second is the front and rear. Adopt the mode of the whole system to take over the hospital, a line through the Internet with the original on the hospital medical staff to cooperate, break through the limit of time and space. The third is the combination of medical and nursing. Found in the process of the outbreak treatment, many patients with severe multiple organ damage, strengthen basic care for the whole treatment effects play a crucial role. The fourth is combining medical and management. Hospitals established joint medical department, nursing department, hospital, every day there will be a difficult case consultation, death case discussion, multidisciplinary therapy, etc. , strictly implement the system, establishment of intubation, protection of heart and kidney, protect liver and other teams. The fifth is the combination of Chinese and western medicine, Chinese medicine is the advantage of epidemic prevention and control in China, more than 90% of the patients with severe using a combination of Chinese and western medicine treatment plan.
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