National WeiJianWei: 19 provinces counterpart support 16 municipal and county-level cities of hubei province

by:Celecare     2020-06-25
10, issued by the national health committee website news, to firmly implement the party central committee and the State Council decision deployment, fully support in hubei province to develop a new type of coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work, determined to win the prevention and control the outbreak of war. National health committee, for the strength of his whole set of high quality resources, build a provincial counterpart support outside of wuhan, hubei province cities new coronavirus pneumonia medical treatment work mechanism, overall arrangement of 19 provinces counterpart support in addition to the wuhan city, hubei province 16 municipal and county-level cities, determine the counterpart support relationship. According to understand, the national health committee, fully considering the epidemic status of medical resources, human resources, reserves and ShouYuanDe city gap, etc. , on the basis of the existing provincial medical team support, according to the connection between the original and shall complete all the principle of overall arrangement in 19 provinces counterpart support in addition to the wuhan city, hubei province 16 municipal and county-level cities, determine the following counterpart support relationships: chongqing support xiaogan, heilongjiang province, shandong province and hunan province to support the huanggang, support draws in jiangxi province, guangdong province and hainan province to support the jingzhou city, liaoning province and ningxia hui autonomous region to support the xiangyang city, jiangsu province to support the huangshi city, fujian province support yichang, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, zhejiang support jingmen, support xiantao, tianmen, qianjiang three county-level city, Shanxi Province, guizhou province support ezhou, support the eco-circumstances in yunnan province, guangxi zhuang autonomous region, support of shiyan, tianjin support enshi tujia and miao autonomous prefecture, support shennongjia forest region in hebei province. National health committee, political stance, and improve the required support provinces and city of ShouYuanDe joint consultation, determine the support arrangement, in order to solve the local medical and health resources gap as the foundation, by the medical establishment, management, CDC support team of professionals, field support and remote medical service, the combination of multiple measures and counterpart support work, at the same time, to take into account the region epidemic prevention and control requirements, jointly do a good job in medical treatment to improve the admission rate and cure rate, reduce the infection rate and fatality rate.
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