Nanjing residents after Mr Meng in the home self-test blood sugar, open an establishing affiliated hospital of hospital Internet 2 small programs, select Internet visits, after the face

by:Celecare     2020-07-14
Identification authentication chose to want to see a doctor after doctor, upload the blood sugar monitoring results, the condition described, choose special clinical time and pay the charge of $35. Like Mr Meng, now has quite a few patients choose a hospital on the Internet. In may this year, the national health committee announced the 158 Internet hospital. Recently, tianjin, anhui, jiangsu and other places have how Internet hospital online. A doctor on online? Diagnosis: the main chronic diseases, common diseases, and more on online physician review record as we have learned, at present there are three types: the Internet hospital organization form is dominated by the government to build the Internet hospital, such as ningbo cloud hospital; Relying on large physical hospital, managed by a single hospital; Dominated by Internet companies, and the real hospital cooperation, such as micro medical doctor, spring rain, etc. The reporter understands from more Internet hospital, at present, the Internet hospital visits online services mainly in chronic disease, common disease, frequently-occurring disease. For example, the second affiliated hospital of nanjing medical university hospital, Internet covers, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics endocrinology, general surgery, and other areas of the 27 common diseases, accounting for seventy percent of the total hospital clinical departments. Who's online begin? Rules according to the national health committee, a doctor before conducting Internet medical must agree after practice registration of medical institutions, and shall obtain corresponding professional qualifications, more than 3 years working experience in clinical independently. More about online physician review for the record. The reporter understands,'s most Internet hospital agree with offline hospital, there are also some hospital discharge outside the Internet during work time hospital experts visit schedule. In less than a year, west China hospital of sichuan university hospital some Internet department expert, has conducted online medical services more than 5000 times. Reporter interviewed a number of patients, compared to the hospital for medical treatment, hospital visits the Internet saves time and energy. A zhou patients in west China hospital of sichuan university hospital Internet message, offline can't hang number, for the first time using online hospital, is very convenient, hung up the doctor's number. Move finger can accept professional video visits, I have is the second time on the hospital appointment via the Internet. Patients with Mr Meng said. Sichuan university west China women and children hospital visits opened online Internet, always seeing has more than 680000 person-time, average daily consulting more than 600 people, accounting for the hospital MenZhenRi average of 8%. The Internet is a supplement to the entities in the hospital, hospital technology development in the future after hospital summary residents health data can be done via the Internet, form the residents' health records, realize the prevention, treatment, kang. The second affiliated hospital of nanjing medical university, dean of Gu Min said. Drug prescriptions: some Internet hospital distribution, some online medical prescriptions to nanjing medical university second affiliated hospital endocrine division chief physician YouNa account, log on to the Internet through facial recognition hospital in waiting list online remind, reserve system send text messages to patients on the mobile phone number, to remind the patient can be online to see a doctor. After the interrogation, YouNa click prescription, and when the last time in the Internet hospital system out of the patient's prescription. Because of the drug is changeless, YouNa click send the old prescription, the prescription has been sent to the hospital pharmacy. Pharmacy pharmacist after receiving the system remind, for checking prescription. After approval, the patient may choose to purchase or distribution services in the system. If you choose delivery service, should be paid online out-of-pocket expenses for medicine, pharmaceutical companies dispensing after delivery to your door free of charge. Considering some medicines have special transportation requirements, as well as the side effects of relatively large still need to face to face with the doctors and patients that drugs. Is that the Internet in our hospital drug is available more than 300. YouNa said, at present the Internet hospital major online open some commonly used drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases, common diseases. The reporter understands, at present the hospital development not balanced across the Internet, Internet hospital some developed provinces has been able to realize online prescription and drug distribution, but many Internet hospital has not opened the Midwest drug distribution function. In accordance with the relevant provisions, both online and offline pharmacies, issued by buying prescription drugs all require a doctor's prescription. But reporters found that some Internet hospital doctors prescribe very casually. Reporters in chengdu, a chain of pharmacies to buy prescription drugs, the clerk said to need on the Internet platform of hospital by a doctor's prescription, online without real patients, a name literally said can open. Reporter in the pharmacy online contact a third-party Internet platform of online diagnosis and treatment, the hospital doctors simply about the basic situation, according to the requirements of journalists directly issued by the drug and dosage. The personage inside course of study suggested, by analyzing the clinical data and track irregularities network diagnosis and treatment behavior, etc. , to strengthen the supervision of online prescription authenticity. Health care: most of online diagnosis and treatment cost has not been included in health care, health insurance CARDS still need to take medicine the Internet to see a doctor to spend money more? It is understood that the Internet online doctor visits costs generally consistent with offline charging. Sichuan has a regulation, medical service prices strictly carry out the public Internet and plain code marks a price system. It is understood that the current Internet medical health care payment policy has not yet issued, most Internet hospital doesn't support health online payment, which makes the Internet diagnosis and closed loop cannot be true to form, causing inconvenience.
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