Low risk area comprehensive return to work! Hinder to return to work or medical institutions will be held accountable

by:Celecare     2020-07-14
On March 25, on March 20, medical administration hospital authority issued 'about further notice partition grading medical services back to normal work, require low risk area to fully recover the medical service as soon as possible, not pause for epidemic prevention and control. As domestic outbreak of slow, medical institutions across the country have gradually returned to normal medical activities, on March 20, medical administration hospital authority issued 'about further advance notice partition grading medical services back to normal work, require low risk area to fully recover the medical service as soon as possible, shall not be suspended for epidemic prevention and control. Back on track, more urge the comprehensive medical institutions to provide medical service to return to work in full swing, seal for more than two months of wuhan city is no exception. As of March 22, according to wuhan WeiJianWei 12, a total of 50 hospitals in wuhan city restore health resources, the new champions were pneumonia patients. It is reported, this 50 44110 beds, hospital check and ratify is now open 19326 copies. Statistics during the period of the new champions league outpatient altogether accepts pneumonia patients with 15738 people, has admitted the new champions 10730 of SARS. In addition, three hospitals in wuhan city and the new crown accepts new crown pneumonia and pneumonia patients, also fully recover normal outpatient service and emergency treatment. Wuhan as the new crown storm eye disease have gradually restored health services, other parts of the country to return to work in advance. With thousands of miles away in heilongjiang province as an example, since February, heilongjiang WeiJianWei, has introduced more files according to the epidemic change constantly adjust the medical service policy. Heilongjiang province WeiJianWei medical cure in the secondary researcher Zhao Yuhui, said the outbreak in other medical needs of objectively to the crowds caused a certain influence, however, as the outbreak in the country and province gradually under control, restore normal medical services claim to be a must. As soon as possible to ensure full recovery medical services, the province WeiJianWei tube on 11 provinces hospital each in the two regulators, also to the district hospitals stationed around the city supervisor, urged hospital providing medical services. Zhao Yuhui said, providing medical services include two aspects: on the one hand, and each department is all begin treated patients, including face-to-face communication have a higher risk of mouth, eye, ear and other departments; On the other hand is to improve readiness for outpatient and ward accepts more patients, until reach fairly or close to the same period and normal level. Don't return to work, a number of medical institutions may not hold since February, due to the closure of ordinary outpatient hospital hospital business income was wounded. According to the survey data of guangzhou Eric he published, all of the hospital business and revenue in February year-on-year fell: nearly eighty percent of hospital MenZhenLiang fell more than 40%, the hospital and he is absolutely decline. Decline in business directly affect the cash income of the hospital, data show that during the outbreak of nearly five-year fell into a hospital in the cash flow, nearly ninety percent of the hospital said funding pressure. Worse, over half of all hospital existing capital support is not enough 2 months, the percentage is up to 57 in private hospitals. 1%. Outbreak to civilian battalion medical establishment is bigger, the influence of the outbreak is not over yet, there are a number of private medical institutions operating difficulties, looking for buyers. Number at the end of last month, a public listed company launched a joint, the industrial fund and the activities of the various types of medical institutions, medical group m&a activities launched shortly after received nearly 50 of a medical institution intends to transfer information. Strict supervision and prevent medical institutions to return to work may be held accountable! ! ! It is reported, although there are many medical institutions have to return to work, but a lot of private medical institutions still dare not or cannot be opened. In many areas, the medical beauty, oral and other specialized medical institutions is still in the list, is limited to return to work even in demanding a new private dental clinics must give each patient pneumonia nucleic acid detection, this is a disguised form of such institutions close the back door. In this context, to promote comprehensive resume work of medical institutions is particularly important, after all, less comprehensive, could mean part of the social medical institutions and specialized be excluded. The 'notice' pointed out: indeed will resume normal medical services into epidemic prevention and control work around the supervision content, further intensify the guidance and supervision; To restore the normal medical service organizations or lack of support of relevant departments and persons responsible, and no special reason not back to normal medical treatment service or delayed recovery of medical institutions and persons responsible, shall be reported until after asked. In other words, if some places or to control requirements as an excuse to not return to normal medical treatment service, may be held accountable! ! ! We hope that in the document, driven by the national medical institutions will soon realize comprehensive return to work in the real sense.
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