Liaoning province: 12 all village village clinic cancel vaccine immunization points by the end of the month

by:Celecare     2020-07-02
On November 21, after the infusion, village clinics and a service be banned! Recently, the liaoning province WeiJianWei released on the standardized management of liaoning province comprehensively promote vaccination plan notice. The standardized management of promoting vaccination plan of liaoning province ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'scheme') Will, in accordance with the four most weiwei, enhance the level of vaccination work comprehensively, implementation unit standardization, inoculated work standardization, the entire regulatory informatization, grass-roots management grid. Involved in the 'solution' unit shut down, access, and vaccine storage, distribution, management and other issues, is closely related to grassroots medical institutions. Before the end of December, cancel the village-level vaccination point 'solution', said will cancel the village-level vaccination before December 31 points, ensure safe realizing a complete coverage of villages and towns centralized inoculation at the end of 2019. This is the village clinics across the country banned infusion after another step, step by step according to incomplete statistics, the author, jiangxi province, gansu province, hunan, shandong and other places all restrictions for village clinic vaccination service accordingly. The author learned from a village doctor's mouth, and cancel the village-level vaccination point may be associated with the following points: 1. Vaccine cold chain transport discontinuous village clinic medical conditions is limited, part of the village clinic just habitual keep vaccine in the fridge door, can not find any vaccine transportation record and cold storage, vaccine safety not guaranteed. This is clearly mentioned in the package, to reduce the vaccine cold chain transportation hierarchy. 2. Vaccination safety hazard in April this year, after a screening in fuzhou city endowment brook county, jiangxi province found that part of the village clinic is likely random with expired vaccine, vaccination, improper disposal of medical wastes, such as behavior, perhaps this is the country most of the village clinic common problem. 3. Immunization information is not timely feedback to the superior if not timely and regularly to the superior to receive vaccine inoculation unit, not according to inoculation against regulations to carry out the work, can lead to school-age children failed to within their respective jurisdictions according to the immunization vaccination program. In addition, rural left-behind children reduced year by year, vaccination is not balance between supply and demand in the countryside. That is to say, the village doctor want to increase your income in addition to the infusion and vaccination of skills, but also do some preparation, improving their skills, and other aspects of diagnosis and treatment as some young village doctor trying to transition, to carry out the micro needle, needle, etc technology for the treatment of pain, incurable diseases. In addition, the 'solution' to the community health service centers and a related requirements from towns and townships. Strict access condition, the mount guard after assessment is eligible community health service center ( In towns and townships) Should comply with the vaccination units set up standard, hold the practice license of medical institutions and preventive care, Vaccination) Diagnosis and treatment. The personnel take vaccination shall have practicing doctors and assistant practicing doctors, nurses and other qualifications, and pass by county ( Area) And organized by the health administrative department at or above the level of vaccination professional training, the inspection qualified rear can mount guard. A year after vaccination staff through the inspection qualified rear can continue to work in the vaccination. Relevant departments will be fully combed vaccination unit qualification within their respective jurisdictions. Does not meet the conditions, shall require them to rectify; Rectification is still cannot meet the requirements, to the cancellation of the vaccination certificate in accordance with the law. Individuals and institutions may not make vaccination anomaly investigation and diagnosis of institution of disease prevention and control at all levels should be in strict accordance with the 'abnormal vaccination response identification method' regulation, undertake jurisdiction inoculation against suspected abnormalities caused by investigating diagnostic work. Inoculation against suspected abnormal individuals and institutions may not respond to investigate diagnosis conclusion. Nearly effective vaccines and scrap vaccine management 'scheme', said resolutely put an end to distribute or expired vaccine immunization. Should according to the period of validity or purchase order supplies, distribution and use of vaccines, regularly to the vaccine storage facilities equipment, facilities, and the vaccine for inspection and record. Over the period of validity or storage temperature is not in conformity with the requirements of the vaccine, should fulfill the scrap procedure or isolated storage, temperature anomaly vaccine evaluation process. Strengthen grass-roots vaccine management is one of the country are doing things, in June this year the vaccine administration law, is one of the highlights of the vaccine offence penalties, so grassroots medical institutions in daily vaccine management must be careful.
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