Liaoning dalian in response to an increase in reported cases of hepatitis a, have to consider for food-borne cause a downward trend

by:Celecare     2020-06-09
On March 13, dalian in liaoning province people's government press office 12 at a news conference, reported to the latest situation of dalian ZhuangHe hepatitis a cases. Notice said, by the experts of disease prevention and control, dalian city, liaoning province, zhuanghe cases is distributed more, and presents a high incidence of southwest coast, the northern mountainous area, the characteristics of the low considering for food-borne cause. At present, the number of zhuanghe armour liver disease was a downward trend. Hepatitis a is caused by hepatitis a virus, mainly liver inflammation pathological changes of acute intestinal infectious diseases. Is mainly transmitted by the fecal-oral route, more transmission through methods such as water, food, daily contact. Recently, an increase in zhuanghe reported cases of hepatitis a, cause attention. Zhao Zuowei, director of the dalian municipal health committee, said at the news conference after the outbreak, quickly set up expert group in dalian, and invite the national and provincial disease prevention and control expert group make plan; Organize ZhuangHe hepatitis a epidemic epidemiological investigation, in collaboration with the national center for Marine monitoring ZhuangHe estuaries and other key seas detection; With a series of measures such as dandong with area joint investigation together, track down infection sources and route of transmission. So far, zhuanghe center hospital in the hospital treatment of patients with hepatitis a, all smooth, no severe patients. Bulletin said the number of zhuanghe armour liver disease at present although has a downward trend, but the dalian city residents as raw or half the habit of eating seafood, poor eating habits become the main cause of armour liver disease. Zhao Zuowei said, vaccination is an effective measures of preventing armour liver. The local government has to provide preferential policies for hepatitis a vaccination, encouraged local jurisdictions to hepatitis a vaccine, and there are more than one booking, zhuanghe 25 vaccination points have been set, safeguard the people vaccination requirements. The local health department to remind people, to change bad eating habits, put an end to eat raw, half eaten raw, aquatic products and after curing directly edible sea. In addition, should pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands before the rice then empress, treating the illness.
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