Level 2 and above in guizhou public hospital will build a one-stop service center

by:Celecare     2020-06-10
On January 8, in order to further optimize the service process, convenient was hospitalized, guizhou province, the end of March 2020, level 2 and above in public hospitals to complete one-stop service centre, by the end of 2020, level 3 and above public hospitals to build online one-stop service center, and encourage social do hospital to participate in the construction of one-stop service center. According to guizhou province health committee issued 'on the secondary and above notice of the construction of the public hospitals to carry out the' one-stop 'work style service center, guizhou province level 2 and above all public hospital will send the original related service desk integration, unified name to set up and one-stop service center, the medical department, outpatient office, health care and other related functional departments of medical matters for business management in a one-stop service center service content, implementing API. Notice, one-stop service centre, in principle, with a certain medical background personnel at the same time, should also do by health care and other related personnel dispatched to related business to deal with the business office, to further strengthen the doctor-patient communication, medical laws and regulations, the rights and obligations of parties, the service concept, such as various types of training to ensure that the data important compliance next transferred to service. In addition, level 3 and above hospitals on the basis of the construction of outpatient service one-stop service center, but also to strengthen the construction of informatization, construction of online one-stop service center. Further perfect the booking platform, to provide registration, inspection booking, booking beds booking online and treatment, such as providing multi-channel make an appointment service; Complete orders, payment and refund payment services, health care function, explore provide multi-channel online payment; Perfect inspection test results, and other functions, actively exploring the way to provide online printing disease diagnosis certificate or electronic invoices, etc.
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