Less running errands, save time by new conveniences brought about a new medical service to the people to see the doctor

by:Celecare     2020-06-24
On September 17, auxiliary slow disease management, improve the efficiency of diagnosis, enable remote ward such as artificial intelligence and 5 g technology changes with each passing day, the medical service is also in constant innovation to upgrade, to facilitate the new common people to see the doctor. Community health service center in xuhui district, Shanghai maple's woods, every Wednesday has a clinic, atrial fibrillation and other outpatient department is different, the outpatient service management tool, with the aid of a set of AI community help doctors condition assessment in patients with atrial fibrillation and reasonable management decisions. For patients in the community can get 3 armour hospital general medical services. It is reported, the patients with atrial fibrillation AI management tools by fudan university affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen jinpenling district and peace city develop wisdom, since its launch last November has provided hundreds of people. Zhongshan hospital affiliated to fudan university jinpenling district chief physician zhi-gang pan, said the next step is to strengthen community general practitioners and the linkage of the higher college, set up the communication platform, community doctors and superior doctors and plans to expand the AI auxiliary management diseases. In addition to slow disease management, new medical services are scattershot. Peng Pu investigation is healthy in Shanghai station, there is a smart eye OCT screening system, covering glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and other lesions. In Shanghai children's medical center, a set of solutions to achieve intelligent wisdom children's hospital leading examining, auxiliary diagnosis, interrogation, multiple AI applications such as in patients with a single time can save about one and a half hours; In xiangya 2nd hospital of central south university, a remote ward is enabled, through remote consultation, remote operation and other help diabetes patients to get better medical services. We encourage staff to learning and communication with AI researchers, promote the ability and efficiency of medical service. Shanghai WeiJianWei KeJiaoChu director zhang can be recently in Shanghai wisdom medical research work to exchange said at the meeting, intelligent medical is a revolutionary upgrade, traditional medical and health information technology in the field of improving medical capacity and service levels at the same time, the Chinese strategy implementation support for health. The personage inside course of study thinks, the intelligent medical into all aspects of health care industry and show a broad application prospect, all parties should hold this window, make innovation ecosystem, promote the latest research results fall to the ground application, make more new medical service within reach.
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