Launch the needy urban and rural areas in guangxi medical help new measures come into force as of November

by:Celecare     2020-05-20
On October 18 October 17, the reporter understands from the autonomous regional medical insurance bureau, the bureau departments and autonomous region, autonomous region issued by the department on recently 'about perfecting the medical assistance system in urban and rural areas difficult people notice, by around different difficult populace's demand difference, will safeguard scope, relief standard adjustment, such as perfect. It is understood that the 'notice' will be from the effective as of November 1, 2019. 'Notice' strictly define four types of medicaid object: type of personnel for the city and countryside extremely poor relief support object, orphans, the fact no one raising children; The second class personnel for subsistence allowances for urban and rural family members; Three kinds of personnel for the urban and rural low-income family members; Four types of personnel to enjoy treatment of insurance of primary medical treatment, other special difficult personnel prescribed by the government at or above the county level. Poverty crucial period, rural document in accordance with the provisions, all into the scope of medical aid tent card's poor and give medical treatment according to the corresponding category, such as the corresponding multiple categories at the same time, given by you will enjoy the highest category of standard medical treatment. 'Notice' clearly, the hospital medical treatment pay line, do not set up rescue object according to the relevant proportion and highest pay limitation to get relief. Among them, the city and countryside extremely poor relief support object, orphans, the fact that no one raised children, 100% of the purchase price of the should be included in the relief of medical treatment of be in hospital to give aid, annual accumulated rescue highest pay limitation to be 40000 yuan. Diseases diagnosis and treatment at the same time, according to our current reality, the 'notice' requirements, all sorts of children congenital heart disease, malignant tumor and all kinds of diseases such as heart and intracranial surgery included in major workplace diseases such as medical treatment. Rescue object after conventional hospitalization medical treatment, the residual individual out-of-pocket medical costs of compliance was still more than 20000 yuan, more than 20000 yuan of above compliance medical costs into the shift disease medical treatment. Each category rescue object on the basis of the conventional hospitalization medical treatment, pay limitation, respectively, and then an increase of 20000 yuan, 20000 yuan, 10000 yuan, 10000 yuan, the annual cumulative rescue the highest pay limitation respectively reached 60000 yuan, 50000 yuan, 30000 yuan, 20000 yuan. In conventional chronic disease outpatient special assistance, 'notice' clear, with uniform provisions of the outpatient service special chronic diseases as well as for major workplace listed with the scope of the disease is planted into the shift diseases such as hospitalization medical treatment of patients, need long-term drug maintenance treatment of urban and rural extremely poor relief support object and orphans, the fact no one raising children, urban and rural subsistence allowances objects for outpatient service medical treatment. Outpatient service medical treatment is not set up to pay line, salvage object annual cumulative salvage highest pay limitation to be 4000 yuan.
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