Large quantities of 3 armour hospital, stopped simple outpatient service

by:Celecare     2020-07-08
On August 27, large quantities of 3 armour hospital, stopped simple outpatient service. Since August 1, chang DE city first people's hospital formally removed simple outpatient service. It is understood that so far, xiangya hospital, central south university, hunan province maternity and child care, and a number of 3 armour hospital have been in the first hospital of changsha easy cancel outpatient service. ▍ cancel prescription outpatient once upon a time, a lot of big hospital opened a simple outpatient service, make appointment patient registration and make medicine becomes convenient and quick, but insisted that after some years, some simple outpatient hospital has been revoked, or merged into other's office. Simple outpatient service is at the time, big hospitals are overwhelmed, grassroots medical institutions set up under the condition of relatively scarce resources, mainly prescribe drugs and part of the checklist. Because the flow speed, to the clinic may take even half a day to solve the problem, fastest in the clinic for a few minutes. Therefore, simple outpatient service was warmly welcomed by patients. Jin-yan zhou, director of the hunan province people's hospital outpatient service office, said in an interview with the changsha evening news in the clinic, the doctor is usually directly drawn according to the needs of patients with prescribing, checklists, many patients' relative lack of medical knowledge, drug abuse and check the inevitable existence of inappropriate. Even require long-term treatment, patients in stable condition, their physical condition and need to take medicine dose is not invariable, need to check physical condition, to assess the dose of medication is reasonable. Therefore, simple outpatient service to some extent become medicine outpatient service, the potential health risks should not be ignored. ▍ reduce large hospital MenZhenLiang about simple cancelled 3 armour hospital outpatient service, industry experts say, for two reasons: one is in response to the national classification of diagnosis and treatment work requirements, slight illness in the community, to the hospital, guide the simple prescriptions and simple inspection to grassroots medical institutions for medical treatment of patients; 2 is a simple function of outpatient service has positioning is not consistent with 3 armour hospital. Is not only a simple outpatient service, classification and treatment policy in the country, in recent years, many provinces have cancel the large general hospital outpatient service. Such as Beijing, Shanghai, guizhou, qinghai and other places, at the end of 2017 has begun to phase out 3 armour hospital outpatient service, daily MenZhenLiang restrictions. Under the grading diagnosis, many big 3 armour hospital MenZhenLiang are slow growth or even fall. According to the profession is to sort out the '2018 er visits China big hospital door list', we can find that, in 2017, ranking the first hospital of guangdong province, 2018 in 7. 02 million, the door of the second er visits, 680000 less than $2017 in 7. 7 million. In addition to the guangdong hospital, there are a lot of the top 100 er visits the hospital doors were falling. , for example, compared with 2017 er visits, tongji hospital affiliated to tongji medical college huazhong university of science and technology in 2018 in 200000, the second affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical university in 2018, in 260000, the first affiliated hospital of guangxi medical university in 330000 at present, the huge MenZhenLiang really big hospital overall income for no small proportion, along with the advancement of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment policy, there will be more and more easy cancel the average outpatient service, 3 armour hospital outpatient service, the grass-roots medical resources sink. At the appointed time, big hospitals MenZhenLiang slower growth, stagnation or decline will be inevitable. May 28 this year, the national WeiJianWei published on the advance of close county health community building notice, clear to the end of 2020, the county JiuZhenLv reached 90%, local grassroots JiuZhenLv around 65%, grassroots medical institutions have the ability to carry out technology, increasing project. In addition, the notice also emphasized county medical has to strengthen the high blood pressure, diabetes, severe mental disorders, such as tuberculosis patients health management. Pay particular attention to is, according to the requirements of the file, the medical total body will execute drug consumables unified management, unified drug directory, unified procurement and distribution, unified payment. Conditional region, to break the county in different medical the difference between the total body, explore the unity of the local drug consumables management and procurement and distribution, etc. Unified medicine catalogue, centralized procurement and distribution, unified payment, through the medicine has the superior hospitals and grassroots medical directory, in this case, the entire medical body medicine catalogue will expand. It is a great good for the basic medicine, if you can in the medical body into the first option in the directory, the original is not the primary sales drugs, its primary market will be opened. Said Han Xiaofang once told the media, director of the Beijing municipal health do, if you let go of the grassroots drug use, can reduce a third big hospital outpatient patients. We change an Angle to think, in a big hospital prescription outpatient service has been suspended, cancelled trend of average outpatient service, how to layout products market, grasp the market opportunity at the grassroots level as drug companies must focus on the problem. Under the insight into market opportunities are everywhere.
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