Lanzhou will be confirmed 'two disease' ginseng protect personnel to include all coverage

by:Celecare     2020-06-27
On January 3, the reporter understands from lanzhou city medical insurance bureau, since January 1, 2020, lanzhou new methods implement two disease outpatient medication, will be diagnosed with high blood pressure or diabetes ginseng protect personnel to cover all of the range, as a whole the reimbursement ratio is 50%. Lanzhou treatment of medical treatment insurance bureau security chief wang li, a new method to expand the coverage, will be diagnosed with high blood pressure or diabetes, but not the target organ damage, need to take long-term outpatient medication ginseng protect personnel to be classified into the scope of protection. Has been included in essential hypertension ( Have complicated) , diabetes with two diseases coverage of ginseng to keep staff, not repeat in, continue to implement the special disease outpatient service policy for a long time. Wang li, in primary and secondary public medical establishment that decide a dot of two disease outpatient drug cost, do not set up to pay line, as a whole the reimbursement ratio of 50%. Annual pay limitation to be 400 yuan in hypertension, diabetes pay limitation to be 800 yuan, at the same time with two sick pay limitation to be 1200 yuan. Lanzhou city medical insurance bureau, conform to the two disease outpatient drug use a new way to ginseng protect personnel, only need to provide my past in the secondary and above medical institutions in hospital medical records or medical information, can be in the county medical insurance agency orgnaization to apply for.
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