Jiangxi fengcheng to determine 12 counties ( City, area) For the county comprehensive health care reform pioneer

by:Celecare     2020-05-17
On August 19, recently, the provincial government office issued the implementation of the county in jiangxi province comprehensive reform pilot work guidance ( Trial) 》。 'Opinion' to determine the fengcheng, xiushui county, etc. 12 counties ( City, area) For the county comprehensive health care reform pioneer, put forward to the grassroots health institutions in 2020 this people more than 65% of the total outpatient visits, residents two weeks sick preferred ratio above 70% of grassroots medical institutions, the county JiuZhenLv within about 90%. 'Opinions' pointed out that each of the pioneer form 1 ~ 3 to a county-level hospitals, other county and township level medical institutions for the member unit of close medical body, to the village clinics of the public property rights, in principle into the medical body management; Led by set up by the county government, health, organization establishment, development and reform, finance, health care and social security departments such as human resources, and take the lead in hospitals, primary care health institutions and other stakeholders to participate in the management committee, overall medical body of planning and construction, investment guarantee, personnel arrangement and examination of regulatory and other major issues. D a total body on board governance mechanism and the President responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee, the human, financial and unified management, integrated building inspection, image, ecg, pathology, disinfection supply center such as sharing, establish a public welfare, health care management services and medical technology index oriented medical body performance appraisal evaluation system. 'Opinions' requirement, pioneer consolidate perfecting public hospital compensation mechanism, establishing the medical service price dynamic adjustment mechanism, further straighten out different level medical service project comparison relationship between medical institutions. Deepening the reform of the personnel system, explore promoting public hospital records management, encourage eligible local exploration build system of compiling cycle pool. Explore the mechanism of setting up regional medical body establishment comprehensive use, used by medical for unified management, unified, unified deployment of kind and second career. Approved in accordance with the requirements of the two allowed, reasonable medical body performance total wages and salaries. Overruns rationally according to the total management, balance retention, sharing principle, basic medical insurance fund of the county rural tertiary total budget to close the county medical body, annual balance medicare fund up to 80% can be used to cure for medical service income. Packaging project expenses for basic public health services to medical body, used by medical total body as a whole. Comprehensive practice of urban and rural residents health outpatient service as a whole, the different level medical institutions treat diseases and medical insurance payment standard, and two-way to indications, specification and process. It is understood that in 2018, jiangxi province residents' personal health spending accounts for more than 26. 1 9%, lower than the national average. 8%; Public hospital medical service income accounts for more than 31. 2 5%, higher than the national average. 6%; Public hospital outpatient and inpatient satisfaction more than 90%. In terms of strong base, the province's thousand population number of beds, number of doctors, nurses are 5 respectively. 37, 1. Of the 88, 2. 38 people, grassroots health institutions success rate, public village clinics that property coverage reached 90%, the county in 86 JiuZhenLv. 6%. In terms of livelihood, successively for 10 free treatment of a serious illness, of 25 kinds of centralized treatment for illness or special treatment, accumulative total cure more than 130 patients, hospital cost of individual pay scale control at around 10%.
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