Jiangsu 'on-line' electronic health card to achieve 'a yard to see a doctor'

by:Celecare     2020-05-12
On September 4, real-name authentication id, enter a phone number, click apply for electronic health card, then patients from anhui province zhou into people's hospital of jiangsu province WeChat public, qr code query to their electronic health card, and use it to sweep the self-service machine code to complete the registration in a hospital. The medical report, payment, etc. I use the qr code, is really very convenient. People's hospital of jiangsu province party secretary jin-hai tang, mobile phone electronic health card can let patients with only a qr code, can realize the communication between different hospitals, and complete all the process, to solve patients a court card, unicom's repeated handling card, each other, pain points. Card not lateral court more general hospital in the past, and in patients with multiple hospital has more medical card, scattered and electronic medical records of patients in medical institutions across the country. Electronic health card according to the issued id information collection form, set appointments diagnosis and intelligent leading examining, online payments, and other functions in a body, face recognition and associated residents' health records and electronic medical record information, implementation across medical institutions of medical service information sharing mutual recognition. Patients with electronic health card is a kind of standard, unified identity standards, and patients received standard unified medical services. National WeiJianWei relevant person in charge of statistics information center, said like a bank card all over the country to enjoy financial services, the future electronic health card holders can enjoy unified standard of medical services in the country. And electronic health card will combine medical wisdom, standardization construction of electronic medical records, the formation of taking patients as the center of the whole life cycle of personal health accounts, make everyone can master track of medical, health status, the formation of annual health care bills, effective for personal health management service.
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