Huzhou '1 + X' public hospital salary system reform has achieved

by:Celecare     2020-06-15
On August 22, the municipal hospital 2017 verification performance wage level of per capita growth rate is 9. In 2018 and 4% growth rate for 9. 9%. Recently, the reporter learns in huzhou city, zhejiang province health committee interview, huzhou city in zhejiang province since 2017 was identified as pilot reform of public hospital compensation system, by building a system of 1 + X ( 1 make a implementation plan, namely X namely establishing performance verification, performance evaluation, salary amount X facilities, such as salary and performance distribution of dean) The salary system reform, made solid progress. Released according to understand, huzhou government formulate 'huzhou salary system reform of public hospitals will be carried out pilot work plan', stick to distribution according to work and according to the technical factor, management factor allocation, on the basis of the key to clinical frontline positions, to shortage, high risk, high strength inclined positions, to high technology, high level and contribution to the outstanding staff tilt, established public hospital compensation system. The city's total performance salary for approval and public hospital medical service income, performance appraisal, factors such as local on-the-job worker average wage level, dynamic adjustment performance salary amount, steadily improve the level of compensation; Implementation, dean of the yearly salary, according to the municipal hospital chief annual salary of public hospitals, personal assessment takes office, employee satisfaction and other factors to determine, shall be borne by the municipal finance, and are issued by the municipal public hospital development center; Implement business backbone yearly salary, according to official rank and in different positions, to set up the salary standard of different class; Set up specific post tianjin subsidies, huzhou central hospital personnel shortage of high-level personnel and much-needed jobs post subsidy per capita 400 yuan/month, some workers rise 25% ~ 50%. Meanwhile, low qualification of doctors and researchers studying relevant subsidy; Set up dean's fund, specially used for rewards in the hospital reform and development, discipline construction, scientific research, science and education, the rescue of critically ill patients, the significant disaster treatment and other major matters to make a significant contribution to the collective and individual. Huzhou HuiLong shi, director of the health committee said, according to the total amount control, structural adjustment, the principle of mixed, gradually in place, appropriate city in 2018 raised analyzes reflect the medical staff, operation expenses, fees and other technical services value service charge, reduced inspection, the inspection fee. In 2018, the city's second class above than to public hospital medical services accounted for 29. 24%, year-on-year increase. 99%; Medicine accounted for by 2. 67%; 24 one hundred yuan of the hospital health materials. 78 yuan, down 6. 88%; Cost savings in patients with the municipal hospital for a year 3536. 960000 yuan.
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