Hunan: 'sink' of new technology on medical couplet of 'solid'

by:Celecare     2020-06-15
On December 13, the reporter learns from WeiJianWei and hunan provincial people's hospital of hunan province, in recent years, the people's hospital of hunan province through the way of talent output and technology output, explore close couplet of medical building mode. Experts sinking county hospital not only, still sink directly to the towns and townships, help hospitals to build characteristic specialized subject, carry out various kinds of support, basic medical services and improve the ability, the benefit of the masses. Dean xiao-song li hunan province people's hospital, hunan people's hospital in talent cultivation technique input and support, more than two years sent resident expert, focus on helping basic-level hospital cerebrovascular intervention, joint development and sports medicine, pediatric digestive and liver the key discipline of minimally invasive and minimally invasive thoracic surgery. In recent years, under the support of hunan province people's hospital, Li County hunan people's hospital has established the first county of minimally invasive center, covering nine specialist, a growing number of patients with minimally invasive surgery to remove sickness. Under the guidance of experts, has carried out more difficult surgery Li County people's hospital, the current county hospital doctors have been able to carry out under the thoracoscope lobectomy and pulmonary bullae resection. According to introducing, people's hospital of hunan province province - is established County - Township integrated remote consultation platform, implement platform in remote diagnosis, remote medical training and other services; Send experts directly into the grass-roots hospitals, to help build the characteristic specialized subject, and the hospital doctors and clinic village doctor training slow disease management, disease screening of all, the backbone of the township hospital doctors can be free to the people's hospital of hunan province education training on a regular basis.
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