Hunan couplet of pediatric medical capacity overall layout grassroots pediatric medical center

by:Celecare     2020-06-15
On November 19, the reporter learns from hunan province WeiJianWei and children's hospital of hunan province, led by hunan children's hospital of hunan medical pediatrics couplet body expands unceasingly, to 156 unit of member of couplet of medical development, constantly enhance its capability of pediatric clinic at the grass-roots level. Hunan health office, deputy director, deputy director of the hunan province WeiJianWei dragon super said, couplet of pediatric medical to children's hospital of hunan province of hunan province as the core, the integration of hunan province, city and county ( Area) The children's hospital, maternal and child health care, people's hospital pediatric hospital resources, improve the pediatric diagnostic ability of the basic-level hospitals. Couplet of pediatric medical director, according to the hunan children's hospital of hunan province wei-hua zhao, hunan couplet of pediatric medical linkage provincial, municipal and county ( Area) Couplet of level 3, 156 pediatric medical member unit, the build quality and efficient hunan pediatric medical service system, promote clinical technology, scientific research platform, the sharing of personnel training. Next, hunan couplet of pediatric medical will be supported by local governments, with pediatric medical couplet body as the gripper, pediatric medical center layout gradually to 14 city states, a large hospital and seamless link of basic-level hospitals, improve grassroots hospital pediatric service ability, let the children in primary treatment is more convenient. , hunan children's hospital of hunan province party secretary said Tan Lihong pediatric medical conjoined running more than three years, through many efforts of exploration and practice, and gradually achieve the ultimate goal of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, did the high-quality medical resources orderly subsidence effectively, guide has built the county-level hospitals of 48 counties set up children's intensive care unit, to lead children's eyes see light, children rehabilitation alliance, promote the prevention and control of appropriate technologies, to provide health consulting service 320000 person-time, make an appointment before transfer for more than 2000 pediatric medical personnel for free training at the grassroots level is 1. Provide free clinic in 960000 children, convenient masses go to a doctor.
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