Hubei WeiJianWei response: temporarily did not find the phenomenon of 'after Yang' patients infected people

by:Celecare     2020-05-17
On March 22, March 23, part of the new champions league pneumonia patients after discharge, visit found nucleic acid detection after Yang medical treatment, the problem such as security, deputy director of the provincial WeiJianWei TuYuanChao hubei daily total media interviews, answer. TuYuanChao introduction for nucleic acid detection after Yang cases found in follow-up, patients with symptoms by accepts medical institutions notice 120, will be transferred to the patients with existing fixed point hospital treatment, again reach discharge standards shall be discharged from the hospital, after 2 weeks and isolation rehabilitation observation; For asymptomatic patients, by receiving medical institutions to inform the community, by community will be transferred to the patients with relevant concentration segregation, points, 2 weeks focus on isolated rehabilitation observation, relieving quarantine after isolation criteria. After Yang when it was first diagnosed patients, has been included in confirmed case reported in accordance with the relevant national requirements, so the visit is no longer as a new confirmed cases reported. At present, wuhan has specified the gold and silver lake hospital, city as a complex Yang fixed-point hospital treated patients with pulmonary hospital. At the same time, the new crown pneumonia hospital, the patients' medical security and also make the related arrangement in our province. TuYuanChao is introduced, the province's basic medical institutions to undertake the new crown pneumonia hospital patients health management main body responsibility, the new crown pneumonia hospital patients all signing into the family doctor service category, and as a important people of basic public health services management, to do a good job of health monitoring, assessment and regular follow-up. On its good health appointment booking, mainly review the blood routine, biochemical and oxygen saturation, when necessary to review the chest imaging and new viral etiology detection and crown. Once found out of the hospital patients with clinical manifestations such as fever, cough, should transfer them to the designated hospital to visit as soon as possible. After Yang treatment, patients with reference to the new crown pneumonia confirmed cases and fiscal subsidy policy coverage, in the basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical treatment after paid according to regulations, part of the individual burden is fiscal subsidies. In solving problems reply Yang whether patients with infectious, TuYuanChao said, according to the national health committee for medical administration hospital authority in patients with complex Yang monitoring and preliminary research experts, now temporarily not found the phenomenon of male patients. Deployed in our province fixed-point hospital treated patients with complex Yang for clinical observation, sum up experience, science evaluation, to guide the medical work, at the same time, demand for disease control and prevention department to epidemiological investigation of patients with complex Yang, scientific research institutions concerned the samples of the virus in patients with complex Yang training or viral load testing, further clarify the complex Yang infectious patients.
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