Hubei suizhou confirmed cases cure rate up to 66 new zero for 4 days. 2%

by:Celecare     2020-06-16
Reporters on March 3, 2, from a new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in hubei province battalion 37 a news conference, after more than a month of fighting, positive changes are happening in hubei suizhou epidemic prevention and control, confirmed cases for zero new 4 consecutive days; Fever clinics accepts the number to return to a normal year average; The cure rate rising steadily, 66 at present. 2%. Draws the mayor gram said that since January 24, draws the full implementation of traffic control; On February 6, a mobility restrictions such as special circumstances shall not go out, and the whole grid, carpet management; On February 16, upgrade controls again, for all the community ( Village) Implement traffic control, divided into 24 hours minimum liability unit. At the same time, draws the subsidence prevention and control power and four types of personnel, adequate reserves isolation. So far, 246 cumulative requisition, rebuilding an isolation, isolation room 10105 rooms, spare 7620. And epidemiological investigation will extend to the new fever patients, total MoPai four class 2. 10000 people. Gram is introduced, and draws through new rebuilt emergency treatment, treatment of 4401 beds, medical staff of 2926 people. Which support in jiangxi province, 389, drow public foundation support 72 medical personnel, involved in draws 8 hospitals. Through the internal tapping, and Inner Mongolia, jiangxi testing expert support, draws two inspection institutions day capacity to 1000, nucleic acid detection and focus groups are covered to special places. Offer a great support in terms of medical supplies, jiangxi province, reprogram aid for an ambulance, isolation gown, N95 masks, protective clothing, such as a large number of supplies and equipment. Now draws medical protective clothing, N95 mask and other medical supplies can guarantee a week or so, basically meet the needs of the treatment, prevention and control. Draws is the north gate of hubei, and border xinyang city of henan province, nanyang, a total of 28 from follow, from hubei channel. Gram, said the next draws will continue to strictly implement from follow from hubei channel controls and defend, fight output, strengthen the responsibility of possession. It is reported that as of March 1, 24, suizhou has reported 1307 cases of the new champions league pneumonia cases, accumulative total hospital cure 865 cases, 40 cases died. At present in the treatment of 402 cases, including 13 cases of severe and critical 21 cases.
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