Hubei province cancelled material addition the consumable zero bonus by the end of the year

by:Celecare     2020-05-17
On December 2, provincial consumables addition, chutian metropolis daily reported recently in hubei province health bureau said, from today, On November 30th) , the entire province all public medical institutions bonus to abolish all medical consumables, while increasing part of the medical personnel technical services value project price, and to lower the price of some large equipment inspection treatment and inspection. Learned, went to the public medical institutions to see outpatient, hospital, surgery and so on, for the use of medical consumables, the hospital will be in accordance with the relevant policies, hubei province, reasonable charge 3%, 5% and 8% bonus to medical consumables, and such compensation mechanism will be a thing of the past. In June this year, in hubei province health bureau together with the WeiJianWei, hubei province, hubei province market supervision bureau issued 'on public medical institutions to cancel the medical consumables bonus guidelines to regulate the price of medical services', in this year on November 30, the province all public medical institutions bonus to abolish all medical consumables, implement the adjusted price of medical services. By the end of the consumable zero bonus this year on July 31, the State Council issued by the 'governance high value medical consumables reform plan', clear medical consumable addition to cancel. Cancel the public medical institutions medical consumables addition, realize all the public medical institutions at the end of 2019 medical consumables zero sales rate, high value medical consumables sales price according to the purchasing price. Bonus to public medical institution for the cancellation of medical consumables and reduce the reasonable income, mainly through the adjustment of medical service price, fiscal appropriate allowance, to do with health care payment bridging methods such as proper solution. The public medical institutions should through the classification of centralized purchasing, strengthening cost accounting and standard way to reduce costs, such as fair use, realize the benign running smoothly. In addition to hubei, qilu evening news reported, held on November 11, the government of shandong province Wednesday presided, approval on the cancellation of public medical institution medical consumables bonus guidelines to regulate the price of medical services ', abolish all the provincial public medical institutions at various levels and of medical consumables bonus. The above guidance from began on December 10, 2019, all allow separate charging patients medical consumables, sales at actual purchase price rate to zero. According to recent data zhongshang industry research institute, as of the end of June, 2019, shandong province, the largest number of medical institutions, 2609. A large number of provinces and cities are action according to incomplete statistics, there are 18 provinces and cities in China so far is canceled consumables addition, including shandong, fujian, anhui, hubei, zhejiang, Beijing, tianjin, Beijing, ningxia, guizhou, hubei, guangdong, jiangxi, jiangsu, guangxi, hunan, liaoning, sichuan, etc. On July 3, such as the people's government of yunnan province issued by the accelerate reform of the medical services price adjustment and other tasks notice, said before the end of October this year bonus to cancel the public medical institutions in the round, and synchronous adjustment of medical service price, medical consumables procurement reform. But part of the province is still in the stage of individual regions cancel consumables bonus. In early March 2018, the original health development planning commission director Duan Yufei clear in guangdong province, in 2018 in guangdong province will actively implement and promote the material to cancel the bonus. Currently existing zhuhai, zhongshan, guangdong province, dongguan, foshan, heyuan city of 5 first cancel the consumables bonus. Released on March 8th, 2018, jiangxi yifeng price priorities for 2018, clear in 2018, according to a unified deployment of provincial, municipal bonus to cancel the medical consumables.
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