Hubei new crown pneumonia patients cure rate increased substantially

by:Celecare     2020-05-17
On March 4, ending at 2, 24, 238 in hubei province were specified fixed-point treatment hospital, 2410 patients were the new, accumulative total 36167 people were cured, the cure rate from 12 February 7. March 2, 14% continued ascension to 53. 81%. This is a reporter from the 3 new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in hubei province headquarters 38th field learned at a news conference. Vice governor of hubei province yun-yan Yang said that under the guidance of the central committee of hubei province, to promote treatment the reach mark, solve patients treated problem; To treat patients with severe; To prevent mild intensive, reduce the proportion of patients with severe; To improve the new crown pneumonia patients cure rate, reduce disease death rates. At present, the province's critical bed configuration around the city basic meet the demand of medical treatment. Intensive care beds in wuhan city has been transformed by such as a bed for bed, etc. As of March 2, tongji optical valley, union hospital, a total of 10 critically ill treatment such as fixed-point hospital open critical 7286 beds, including negative pressure ICU bed 245 pieces, a total of 3728 were critical and severe patients. Wuhan new crown pneumonia patients disease death rate is decreasing. , deputy director of the hubei province health TuYuanChao, said zhong nanshan, lan-juan li, wang Chen, huang lq, zhang bl, Chen Wei, 8, xiao Lin industry top 10 famous academician in hubei, such as more than 330 medical teams and over 40000 medical workers from all over the country to support the hubei. Including intensive medicine, infections, respiratory, cardiovascular and anesthesia experts reached more than 15000 people, aid medical team directly to take over the ward hubei, play an important role in patient treatment. Yun-yan Yang is introduced, according to the four principles, hubei nucleic acid detection efficiency, timely find confirmed cases, strive to improve the readiness, intensify built courtyard increase bed, optimizes the allocation of medical resources, realize the diagnosed patients, patients with suspected stipulated, should treat all, improving ability of medical treatment. The current epidemic situation in hubei appear positive changes: fever patient population continued to decline; Suspected cases and new cases decreased significantly; Close contacts number isolation is increasing; Discharged cases continues to increase, severe and critical cases, death toll continued to decline; Power resources are gathered, steadily enhance its capability of medical treatment. Yun-yan Yang said, although a positive change, but the hubei epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim and complex, the current main problems are: digest the stock task is still arduous; The incremental risk still didn't get the fundamental control; The epidemic is still uncertain, recently discovered some test positive for asymptomatic patients, even a small number of discharged patients review positive phenomenon; Old community, there are weaknesses in areas such as the special place.
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