Hubei: new crown nucleic acid and antibody testing project into temporary medical insurance payment

by:Celecare     2020-06-16
Hubei province medical insurance bureau notice, May 6, will be a new type of coronavirus nucleic acid detection, antibody detection project into temporary medical insurance directory, according to the b payments. In order to ensure the new crown pneumonia patients get timely treatment, at the beginning of the epidemic, hubei will be confirmed and suspected patients during the treatment of medical institutions of the nucleic acid detection, antibody testing fee into medical insurance to pay limits. Since then, and start new virus related detection reagent centralized purchasing, making the province nucleic acid detection, the highest price antibody detection. According to hubei province medical insurance bureau relevant controller introduces, the new medical service project into the medical insurance directory, should be based on clinical diagnosis and treatment expenses necessary, safe and effective, suitable for the principle, after application, at the beginning of nuclear, expert evaluation, the public, approval and a series of processes. This happens in accordance with the special principle, the related test items into temporary medical insurance directory. Hubei province medical insurance bureau, nucleic acid and antibody testing project specific standards for the payment, by own decision according to local actual, but shall not be higher than the previous province nucleic acid testing 180 yuan/times, the highest price 50 yuan/item antibody detection.
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