Hubei huanggang orderly will resume normal medical services

by:Celecare     2020-06-16
On March 11, huanggang, hubei province new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, command on the evening of March 10, release notice, since March 11, orderly medical service back to normal. Tentative huanggang city 6 hospitals according to their respective characteristics, gradually open common disease treatment area, provide general outpatient service and the buffer screening in patients with normal diagnosis and treatment in hospital. Huanggang is one of the new champions league more severe pneumonia outbreak areas in hubei province. Through a series of prevention and control measures, huanggang outbreaks recently appeared positive changes. Since March 3, huanggang has increased number of confirmed cases of 0 for seven days. As of March 9, 2020, 24, huanggang has reported 2907 cases of the new champions league pneumonia cases, accumulative total hospital cure 2657 cases, 125 cases of total deaths. The six hospitals are huanggang center maternity and child health care hospital, huanggang, huanggang, huanggang tuberculosis prevention and hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, huanggang huangzhou district people's hospital and huanggang huangzhou district maternal and child health care. Common disease need to be hospitalized patients, must first in the buffer to observe three days, chest CT, nucleic acid detection, detection of serum screening results after normal can be admitted into the common disease treatment area. All into the hospital staff ( Including medical staff) Must carry out temperature monitoring, wear a face mask, do a good job in hand hygiene and sanitation. Fever personnel must to fixed-point fever clinics. Hospitals need to strictly implement the real-name registration system, outpatient patients for non-emergency make an appointment, to make an appointment to check, guide the period of time, reduce the crowds gathered; Strictly control the outpatient waiting area, a clinical one room, reduce the risk of cross infection. Patients hospitalized period shall not be allowed to leave the ward, as far as possible to reduce turnover, declined to visit. Need accompany, under the condition of no more than 1 escort personnel and relatively fixed, escorts must also pass the relevant inspection test no abnormalities may along with escort. Huanggang requirements, in addition to the six hospitals, other medical institutions temporarily not open medical services. Medical institutions open situation, service content and the matters needing attention should be public in a timely manner, convenient masses go to a doctor.
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