Hubei huanggang: new crown pneumonia in patients with severe one diagnosis and treatment plan

by:Celecare     2020-06-16
Number of confirmed cases in the front row, hubei huanggang grim situation of the epidemic prevention and control. 11th National People's Congress standing committee, deputy director of the municipal party committee secretary Liu Xuerong huanggang, hubei province in hubei new pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, according to a regular press conference huanggang has designated hospitals from 13 to 30 patients with severe one diagnosis and treatment plan. According to introducing, the 10th February 24, huanggang has reported a new crown pneumonia cases 2332 cases, 279 patients were being cured, 52 cases of death. Among them, the number of confirmed cases after wuhan, xiaogan. In order to fully cure patients, through emergency requisition, the fever clinics of huanggang by original 29 expand to 127, designated hospitals increased from 13 to 30. At present, the huanggang determine 10 institutions to carry out the test, more than 900 copies, detection, has 13755 cumulative detection, early stock on February 9, have finished all testing. At present, the huanggang to participate in the treatment of a doctor, nurse, has increased to 7109 from the early 1200. There are a large number of towns and townships and villages, the community medical staff involved in grassroots epidemic prevention and control. Hunan, shandong, after four team a total of 549 people support huanggang significantly strengthened the ability of medical treatment, at present, in critically ill patients in one medical team, one person one diagnosis and treatment plan.
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