Hubei healthcare landing electronic voucher micro medical institute to benefit from the Internet

by:Celecare     2020-05-16
National health care electronic bill rushed in micro medical Internet general hospital, wuhan ginseng protect patients all can check through the brush face identity, for their own electronic identity, do not go out, don't take card can enjoy convenient services such as online appointment to buy medicine, health care and settlement. Specific operation is as follows: user login Internet portal, public hospital in wuhan to choose to prescribe medicine, submit identity information and complete the human face recognition, set the password, you can receive health care electronic documents, complete follow-up visits, purchase, payment, etc. Visit next time, don't need to pick up again, choose the same physician who can. It is known that health care electronic document is a code generated by a national health information platform, one yard, ginseng are the only proof of identity to the national health insurance online business. Since last November 24th, the national health insurance bureau in hebei, heilongjiang, jilin, Shanghai, fujian, shandong, guangdong seven provinces and municipalities to carry out the health electronic certification test first. And micro medical general hospital Internet to become the first in hubei province national health care electronic credentials Internet hospital, many in the industry have pointed out that the medical Internet medical breakthroughs in policy is the outbreak of the largest beneficiaries. Previously, on February 26, wuhan medical insurance bureau launched medicare pay for micro medical Internet general hospital, critical to 10 kinds of outpatient service in wuhan city ( Chronic) Disease of ginseng to keep staff, providing online diagnosis, prescription, online payment and offline drug delivery door-to-door service. Unexpected is, however, the online platform, a large number of orders, because the check must be made by artificial, ginseng protect personnel information and the need to communicate with patients confirmed that lead to the order processing efficiency is not high, pills, aging, patient waiting for a long time can't be guaranteed. In order to solve the above problems, but also to the previously paid to the continuation of - - - - - - - In the national health insurance bureau under the guidance of wuhan city health department, general hospital in micro medical Internet online national health care electronic evidence, since then, ginseng protect personnel information is without manual calibration, order processing efficiency is also increased enormously. Open online payment, national health insurance certificate in addition to the wuhan local exploring, the outbreak period, national level to open Internet medical is also highlighted. At yesterday, the national health insurance bureau, the national health committee jointly issued by the 'about promoting the new crown pneumonia during the epidemic prevention and control to carry out Internet + guidance of health care services, the common diseases, slow disease on online appointment into medical insurance to pay limits. WeiJianWei a month ago, the country has issued documents in a row, encourages Internet diagnosis and treatment of epidemic prevention and control, requirements for fever in patients with respiratory, infection, emergency medicine, intensive medicine, mental health and general practitioners, through the Internet for the people to provide quality and convenient diagnosis and counseling. And from the point of the Internet in medical industry, their performance is more outstanding. According to the medical Internet platform previously published data, the big health served as a rough estimate, at least 4 million people to complete the online medical consulting services. Among them, as of March 2, micro medical new crown pneumonia real-time rescue platform during the outbreak of the total traffic has more than 119. 69 million, the cumulative provide medical consultation service 1. 49 million person-time. Many of the personage inside course of study thinks, like SARS to the electricity, the outbreak of the development of Internet medical press accelerators. Micro medical group founder and CEO of Liao Jieyuan once said: the media for the first time the whole society indeed medical really formed a consensus about the Internet. For our industry in particular, May 30 days, to the industry as a whole may have more than 3 years.
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