Hubei: focus on two days to finish the wuhan accumulated all patients suspected of detection

by:Celecare     2020-05-12
In order to strengthen conscientiously the epidemic prevention and control, hubei will focus on two days, will be accumulated in wuhan city finished all patients suspected of detection. This is the hubei provincial party committee secretary, new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of hubei province battalion commander in wuhan city jiang chaoliang 8 supervision put forward clear requirements of epidemic prevention and control work. Learned, hubei provincial party committee, stressed that in wuhan to do real do fine focus were four types of personnel, accurate grasp the confirmed number, number of suspected patients, patients with fever clinic symptoms of patients number, close contact in symptomatic patients, and hospitals, isolated points, rushing available beds, have used data, such as surplus of beds, ensure accurate dynamic; Do fine solid concentration and isolation were four types of staff; Continue to collect the place such as hotel, school, converted into concentrated isolated points, increase supply beds. Full source pays special attention to the prevention and control. Emphasizing comprehensive screening work, ensure that no one, not one leak, and resolutely to cut off the route of transmission, to block the spread of spread; Transfer cadres enrich the screening, prevention and control at the grass-roots level power; To strengthen the analysis, the use of big data technology for epidemiological investigation, epidemic prevention and control and other support. Hubei provincial party committee also demanded that focus on two days, will be accumulated in wuhan all patients suspected test finished, release the medical and health resources, concentration is used to diagnose patients. Layer upon layer pressure is a responsibility, promote district, hospitals to strengthen the source control, timely treated patients, improve treatment effect.
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