Hubei cut according to the actual fixed-point hospital gradually returned to normal medical order

by:Celecare     2020-06-17
On March 4, in hubei province will be pushing medical order division, classification management, classification, implementation step by step, gradually returned to normal medical order and service. According to epidemic prevention and control of the actual, winding down its new crown pneumonia were designated hospitals, orderly shut down rushing hospital, partial, step by step, gradually returned to normal medical order. This is in hubei province, deputy director of the health TuYuanChao at 3 PM in hubei province pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work the new champions league headquarters 38th field said at a news conference. TuYuanChao explanation, partition management is according to provide risk area. There are more and more city, hubei province state in new cases zero growth, on the one hand, still can't relax, to take the most stringent measures for prevention and control, grasp, grasp the fine, emphasizing the prevention and control work; On the other hand, it should be comprehensively considered, solve people's normal medical problem. TuYuanChao introduction, the new crown wuhan pneumonia was hospitalized on high-risk area demand, we specify a number of hospitals continue to focus on critical patients, patients with hemodialysis, tumors, such as maternal and child are in urgent need of medical needs, at the same time also specifies the first batch of key hospitals, to provide comprehensive medical service in an all-round way. Other high-risk areas will also be reference to the practice of wuhan city adjust measures to local conditions, scientifically formulate specific implementation plan. Area of middle and low risk, TuYuanChao said, should continue to consolidate the prevention and control measures, in the control increment, digest the stock, strengthen new crown pneumonia treatment at the same time, resolutely prevent the outbreak of a rebound, all kinds of resources, as a whole set of schedule, make sure you are able to have the ability to deal with outbreaks of clustering. At the same time, the other the clean hospital health resources reasonable setting, clean ward, according to the risk level gradually returned to normal order of medical services. In addition, hubei WeiJianWei actively encourages Internet medical services, giving play to the role of good Internet hospital and provide online services for patients with chronic diseases, especially visit patients. Called for reservation triage medical institutions of various levels, slow disease strengths, try your best to reduce the patients in the hospital gathered themselves together, and reduce the risk of cross infection.
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