Hubei: concentrated isolate all new coronavirus infection suspected cases of pneumonia

by:Celecare     2020-06-16
Hubei new coronavirus pneumonia infection prevention and control command 2 meeting, clear requirements, basic old-age do fine work, determined in accordance with the focus on cases, experts, pooling resources, centralization treatment requirement, for all patients with suspected centralized quarantine, then detection, diagnosis and treatment. Meeting requirements, compressed screening diagnosis process, simplified as far as possible, shorten the screening process and avoid more suspected cases of multiple hospital cross infection, strictly control the source of infection; Simplify the process of diagnosis of shunt, avoid in patients with mild, home quarantine observers delay into intensive. To all cases of suspected centralized quarantine, do it for all suspected cases, first isolate again detection and diagnosis, fight infection. Everywhere to speed up the fixed-point hospital Settings and establish isolation ward, the isolation ward. Requisition of hotels, guest houses, idle factories, etc. , to establish the spare isolation, and equipped with necessary living, disinfection, medical facilities. At the same time, to one thousand their readiness to ascend. Continue to allocate health resources as a whole, empty bed as much as possible; Accelerate the reform of the new hospital progress, accelerate the reform of general wards for patients; Speed up the bed turnover, treated more patients need. Related leading cadres to bed is not clear, relevant hospital refused cause infection, to pour out responsibility. The meeting also stressed that must strengthen epidemic search work. Basic old-age do fine work, the villages and towns ( The street) To build a village ( Community) Outbreak, special search team carpet search suspected cases, strictly implement the system of medical observation, document tent card, make records, found abnormal immediately report; Strengthen contact personnel management, once found the outbreak, search immediately suspected patients and close contacts, to disinfection of contaminated sites, close contacts are concentrated nearby.
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