Huaian medical consumables management reform is moving forward rapidly

by:Celecare     2020-07-04
Four kinds of 14 kinds of medical consumables highest prices decline in 80. 51. 39%, the lowest drop 67% a year for the populace to alleviate the burden of about 30 million yuan. City health bureau recently organized more than 24 secondary public medical establishment that decide a dot in the city to participate in the three city of huaian, nanjing, yangzhou, taizhou medical consumables regional alliance with procurement, centralized purchasing medical consumables prices sharply lower. The first union with the procurement for zhuhai quantity purchase, will enter the normal operation in the future. City health bureau, party secretary, director Cai Li introduction, since the change deep in May this year the central committee of the eighth meeting examined and approved on the governance reforms of high value medical consumables, city health bureau overall medical consumables and special projects, establish 1 + 10 special projects work plan, innovation sun alliance purchasing mode, 10 measures to carry out the special projects, achieved positive results. The medical burden steadily reduce the municipal medical insurance bureau aiming at high precision and large power, reduce steadily promote the medical burden on the city. Targeting high-value consumables, large amount of supplies two key areas, stick to the unit price two-way pressure, pressure drop and bring purchasing negotiation bargaining power, improve hospital medical consumables purchase price reduction, with real incentives for upgrading the masses go to a doctor to get feeling. Target price is high, adhere to in harmony thinking with the help of outside force, actively participate in the province, high-value consumables purchasing alliance to huaian small market in the province with large markets quantity procurement, implementation to big with small; Aimed at large dosage, adhere to the thinking of to build together, and nanjing, yangzhou, taizhou sponsored medical consumables, centralized purchasing the regions through joint centralized purchasing to reduce the material price, quantity is with preferential treatment. According to calculation, only in July of the stents and pacemakers high-value consumables province alliance purchasing, implantable drug delivery device in August, prefi lled type catheter irrigator, precision infusion, intravenous infusion needle clinical dosage big four kinds of 14 kinds of products such as regional joint procurement, zhuhai consumables highest prices decline in 80. 51. 39%, the lowest drop 67% a year for the masses to reduce health care costs about 30 million yuan of above. Medical consumables for mining market continuously purifying ShiCe on both ends of the city health bureau target demand and supply, to promote medical consumables for mining market continuously purification. After in-depth research, the medical consumables in zhuhai as the main reason is that material varieties of category, the lack of uniform standards and more at the same time, various medical institutions demand unfocused diversity. Aimed at this situation, the city health bureau to establish negotiating the price cut is purpose, purify the market is the fundamental guiding principles, and actively build dominant market access to health care, supply of demand, with centralized purchasing consumables management new pattern. Based on the demand side, increase the integration of merge, forming demand directory. By a large number of clinical visits, understand product substitutability, integrate requirements of medical institutions, excluding specifications cluttered, close to the consumables products is uneven, clinical effect, four kinds of consumables 323 model will eventually reach the merge for 14 gauge, the formation of the centralized and unified medical institutions consumes the material demand directory, not only ensure clinical use, and reasonable to consider technology iteration. Based on the supply side, according to the directory and bid, purify the market environment. All enterprises shall be carried out in accordance with the directory and bid and prepay 70% of the purchase amount will be allocated to the winning of medical institutions, medical institutions promise 30 clearance, dispel worries about the winning companies, dare to bid price cut production enterprises, built the doctors focus on the doctor, production enterprises secure the health of the new environment. Sun alliance procurement system gradually improve the municipal medical insurance bureau aimed at good faith and strengthen supervision, promote sun alliance procurement system gradually improve. Comprehensive strengthening organization together, optimizing the procurement method, detailed market analysis, ensure safe and reliable medical consumables centralized purchasing, scientific and standardized. Establish medical security system of joint conference, member of clear consumables management responsibility, promote the sector linkage, strengthen information communication, regulation force, strive to reach the plug up loopholes in system, the pressure drop inflated prices, to carry out the normal regulatory governance objectives. Sun alliance purchasing measures for its implementation, subject scope, function, clear sunshine purchasing alliance procurement rules, perfect the medical insurance payment, establish a disciplinary system, strengthen the supervision of medical consumables production, circulation, use comprehensive. Based database, the consumable purchase comprehensive combed the city medical consumables purchase data, the formation of centralized purchasing related type, quantity and price of effective demand information; Form both in different areas, different categories, different ownership, different levels of medical institutions and different clinical professional categories of medical consumables procurement expert database, provide data support for centralized purchasing and technical support. Continue to expand the next step to deepen reform, we will continue to expand the deepened reform, further medical consumable price pressure drop, ease the burden, efforts to promote the construction of huaian high level well-off society in an all-round way to make a greater contribution.
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