How to develop during the outbreak of the basic public health service projects? 6 and

by:Celecare     2020-07-03
On March 9, grasping the epidemic prevention and control, and public health work. National basic public health project is a normalized huimin service work, is a livelihood project, has strong timeliness and clear objectives. The present new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim, to carry out the national basic public health services caused great influence, grassroots health service management institutions should actively seek breakthrough, grasping the epidemic prevention and control, one hand job. So exactly how to carry out? The author sums up the following six o 'clock. The new crown pneumonia outbreak epidemic prevention and control as a new crown vice-governor pneumonia belongs to major public health event, also belong to public health in the reporting of infectious diseases and public health emergency disposal project work. In the prevention and control of the current situation, we should not only according to the arrangement of the headquarters and the centers for disease control and prevention and control of epidemic deployment completes the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, also want to in the premise of safe partition grading, hold the opportunity to carry out the national basic public health services. To do a good job in outpatient service triage, dare not have the slightest slack, found that patients with fever, cough, ask living history before onset or suspected exposure history, according to the specification to register as a full and complete information, and immediately referrals to have a fever outpatient service of the county-level hospitals. Hospital, clinic continue to assist the centers for disease control and prevention in flow, xiaosha, etc, in patients with diagnosis of close contacts, overseas returnees, fever hospital patients for medical observation, the environment that occupy the home to kill, etc. , to prevent the spread of the epidemic spreading. In towns and townships to organize the jurisdiction all health care workers in online learning new knowledge, control and prevention, diagnosis and differential diagnosis of pneumonia knowledge training, through training to make a grassroots medical staff fully understand the new coronavirus infection pneumonia outbreak of harmfulness, improve the ability of prevention and control the outbreak, the standard medical behavior, avoid crossing infection and can protect the security of the medical staff and the service object. Continue to strengthen epidemic prevention propaganda and education in various towns and townships, clinic through loudspeakers, mobile vehicle, hanging banners, post, a variety of forms such as publicity column, WeChat public number, intensify propaganda, guide the residents gather, ventilation, don't wash your hands often, frequently go out wearing a mask and way of life, to emphasize the prevention and control in the former period hard-won results, want to insist to do, don't be sloppy. To achieve full coverage, no blind area, leave no dead Angle. Actively carry out the psychological health knowledge propaganda and the center of the public psychological counseling special line, actively carry out psychological intervention, accepts the populace to consulting, church people in the face of the outbreak, avoid adverse information and personnel ill around with bad feelings. Fine prevention center, towns and townships, village doctor to timely understand jurisdiction recent medication in patients with severe mental disorders, drug allowance, etc. , and ensure normal serious mental disorders, when necessary, by the fine prevention center to buy related drugs, extend to the home, and special period of health education and medication guide. To update files during health records with the aid of epidemic prevention and control during the flow of people is less, the characteristics of the disease that occupy the home, each basic unit dynamically update the file as a key to grasp, village clinics to take advantage of opportunities, chronic disease prevention and control of epidemic come round to see a doctor, a random file update work and slow disease follow-up work. , on one hand grasping the prevention and control, public health, ensure slow patients follow-up service does not pause, uninterrupted; Health family planning coordinator to supervision township hospitals and village clinics to instruct personnel, the designed route for medical waste receiving, registration, temporary storage, transhipment, etc, in order to prevent causing secondary pollution. Combined with the current reality, satellite, to carry out the maternal follow-up, slow disease management, and other institutes of health projects ZhuanGan should actively contact agatanoatae guidance unit, combining with the current prevention and control of the actual situation, formulate measures suitable for the job. Result of epidemic prevention and control of the healthy check-up of the projects such as the elderly need to delay, children's physical examination, Chinese medicine services to inform and explain the work ahead of time; County maternity and child care to guide the village two levels of women's and children's personnel through the network, telephone, WeChat maternal follow-up, 0 6 years old children health management. The centers for disease control and prevention to guide the grassroots health workers in the outbreak of TB patients to carry out the follow-up of chronic diseases and health management, etc, on one hand to deal with the epidemic prevention and control, grasping the labor services, satellite on the premise of ensuring security, to carry out the national basic public health services. Last note that the public health service personnel must improve the protection consciousness, strengthen their own protection, to carry out the service to do during the peak, mistake, wearing masks, wash your hands often and do a good job in hand disinfection; Personnel must first of all to accept service temperature monitoring, if abnormal body temperature to immediately stop all services, and the fever patient referral to the county hospital fever clinic observation; Service site must be in the morning and evening disinfection, ensure that the service object, medical personnel life safety and health.
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