Hospital inform: these departments, disable key monitoring varieties!

by:Celecare     2020-07-10
On October 28, on October 31st, hubei WeiJianWei released the first batch of key monitoring the rational use of drugs in hubei province catalogue of drug. ▍ drugs, 25 were monitored since July 1 national WeiJianWei issued the first batch of monitored directory, the provinces have been released this province monitored directory. Some provinces are directly used national version, also some provinces is on the basis of the national version to make some adjustment. Of hubei province first batch of key monitoring the rational use of drugs and drug catalogue, according to a total of 25 key monitoring varieties. In addition to the national directory of 20 varieties, five varieties were also supplemented in hubei province, is one of the three traditional Chinese medicine injections. Hubei province WeiJianWei requirements, various cities, State) WeiJianWei collects more than secondary medical institutions within their respective jurisdictions monitored the rational use of drugs and drug directory, and on November 30 WeiJianWei shall submit to the province. Department of provincial medical institutions WeiJianWei submitted directly to the province. Hubei province first batch of monitored directory as follows: ▍ monitored directory, dynamic adjustment, according to the requirement of the national WeiJianWei after notice of drugs has not been included in the directory management, do a good job in routine clinical use monitoring found that abnormal usage growth, no indications, using overdosage, to strengthen early warning and find the reason. Personnel should deal seriously with, which is in violation behavior. National WeiJianWei clear at the same time, will jointly with the state bureau of traditional Chinese medicine to dynamically adjust the 'directory'. About the content, hubei WeiJianWei has also involved in the notice. In addition to the key monitoring drug, hubei WeiJianWei requirement, for the key monitoring drug also must strengthen the management of the directory. Medical institutions to strictly implement the key monitoring the rational use of drugs and drug in the clinical use of monitoring and early warning mechanism, find in abnormal usage in a timely manner to carry out the assessment, clear as the unreasonable drug use should be timely into the agency monitored directory. In addition, hubei WeiJianWei clear, will regularly to dynamically adjust the catalog of provincial medical institutions according to the provincial directory also dynamically adjust timely adjust the agency directory. As medical insurance directory, dynamic adjustment must be into the, therefore, in the process of dynamic adjustment, some species may by trying to remove the key monitoring hat, may also have some varieties can grow because of abnormal usage, no indications, ultra dose is move into the key problems such as monitoring scope. ▍ these departments, stop using monitored drugs in recent days, the personage inside course of study to the blue parker provided a file of each department monitored drugs usage from hubei province 3 armour hospital. The hospital monitored drugs directory with a total of 31 species, including 8 TCM injections. Contrast can be found that the directory in the directory at the provincial level on the basis of a certain adjustment, or 31 key monitoring varieties, it is the focus of the final report to monitor the hospital drug directory, needs to be fastidious. Scan the above table we can find that many key monitoring varieties are widely used in various departments. Table red column, said these departments to phase-out of key monitoring varieties, is to adapt to the scope of green line recipients department of key monitoring varieties. In addition, the hospital make clear a regulation, limited to receive all monitored variety, each department can not within the scope allowed varieties sudden increase dosage, overall. In key monitoring, under the condition of limited use, adapt to the range of departments should be rational use, should not be department put an end to use, focus on monitoring the use of the drug is expected to gradually tend to be more reasonable. This is also the state formulates monitored directory for the rational use of drugs in the first place. On August 20, the national health insurance bureau and human resources social security in the about the printing & lt; The national basic medical insurance, inductrial injury insurance and maternity insurance drug catalogue & gt; Clearly mentioned in the notice: after special argumentation, unanimously decided to national health care drugs in the directory monitored drugs all out. Around shall strictly implement the catalog of medicines and may not make directory on its own or with flexible way to increase the quantity of medicines by directory, nor shall adjust the limit of the directory drugs to pay limits. For the former provincial drug directory to increase class b drugs according to regulations, should be gradually digested in 3 years. During the process of digestion, into the monitored scope in the provinces should give preference to the drug adjustment to pay limits. In the future, in the health insurance to pay limits and monitored directory under the combination of dynamic adjustment, monitored drugs will be more and more difficult. In this case, the tiger balm apparently no longer applicable, professional precision marketing is king.
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