Henan: general hospital should have eye care services

by:Celecare     2020-06-18
August 7, the reporter learns from henan WeiJianWei, recently, in henan province of adolescent myopia prevention and control work hard request, all comprehensive hospitals at the county level and above should provide eye care services. Learned, for adolescent myopia, henan requires attention to play, professional and technical advantages of medical institutions for disease control and prevention first, combining prevention and cure, make overall investigation and poor vision of child and adolescent myopia early discovery, early diagnosis, early treatment; Perfect eyesight monitoring network, establish archives for teenage children eyesight eye care to children under the age of six and visual acuity coverage rate to 90%. On the basis of the inspection, relying on existing resources to build and update children eyesight health electronic archives, and with the child and adolescent admissions real-time transfer. In conjunction with the school, primary and middle school students in vision screening, to eye health data update the eyesight health electronic files, screening out the abnormal vision or suspicious eye disease, to provide personalized, targeted prevention and control scheme. At the same time, henan requires the ability to enhance myopic medical services, comprehensive hospitals at the county level or above for eye care services; Strengthen the visual light teacher training, to ensure that every county ( City, area) All have qualified optical professionals provide standard services; Strengthen grass-roots ophthalmologist, eye care, child care doctor doctor training, improve eyesight screening, and emergency disposal ability of diagnosis and treatment of common eye disease; Myopia prevention and control of related research actively, strengthen the prevention and treatment of myopia of scientific research and technology applications. Give full play to the role in child and adolescent myopia prevention and cure of traditional Chinese medicine, to formulate the implementation of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine comprehensive treatment, the popularization and application characteristics of techniques and methods of traditional Chinese medicine; Gripper for public health service, from the perspective of the health education, children and parents independent health action, popular children myopia prevention and control and health knowledge with its eyes.
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