Health informatization in shanxi taiyuan through online medical resources

by:Celecare     2020-05-22
On December 12, 13, the reporter learns from WeiJianWei, taiyuan city, Shanxi Province, taiyuan in Shanxi Province to strengthen the construction of health information technology, through the information means to get through online medical resources, make residents enjoy the period of time, such as lecturing, vaccine booking online booking medical service, high quality resources sharing, convenient for people to see. Held on the same day, in taiyuan in Shanxi Province taiyuan city health news, information construction and to the taiyuan city to promote healthy development of the Internet + medical action plan ( 2019 - 2020) 'Carry on reading. In recent years, in taiyuan in Shanxi Province overall roadmap plan established 1122464, namely the construction of a platform and a private network, the establishment of cities and counties ( City, area) Two-level management center, improving the hygiene standards and information security system, the construction of the big four database and six major business application system, through the four terminal convenient public application; 'Taiyuan city to promote healthy development of the Internet + medical action plan ( 2019 - 2020) ', clear 10 specific tasks, transform the digital led, a fundamental role, cover the areas of health service management. At the same time, in taiyuan in Shanxi Province to hundreds of yuan xing medical engineering as an opportunity to promote the digital medical, hospital of wisdom, and wisdom of the prison, regional synergy first aid, blood management aspects such as construction, implement the second class above hospital electronic medical records and the doctor workstation, the period of time of the third class hospitals and clinic and booking two full coverage. At present, in taiyuan in Shanxi Province has built unicom provincial, city and county, township and village level five national health information platform and health private network system, joint WeiJianWei, 10 county of Shanxi Province, China ( City, area) Health bureau, 1404 medical institutions, with a number of public security, civil affairs and other departments and the realization of e-government network, health care network, built the electronic medical records and health records, the total population and health resources four big database, network connectivity, data centralized management, information resources sharing, residents' medical records and health file information of lateral court read 140000 visitors. In 2019, the platform through the standardization of national health information connectivity maturity assessment, reach the level of first-class standard, as through the ranks of the country's third provincial cities ( The remaining two to hangzhou and nanjing) 。 In management, in taiyuan in Shanxi Province and continuous innovation, pay attention to scientific management. Through the establishment of the relevant regulatory system, the cooperative medical service price, payment, drug bidding procurement and other business information, helping medical treatment, health care, medical reform, linkage such as from the efficiency of medical service, medical service and medical service quality of three dimensional analysis of taiyuan city all levels of hospital medical service performance evaluation, to promote medical management standardization. At the same time, taiyuan has established the cover basic medical and health institutions gp workstation, advance basic health care, public health, basic medicine, health care and settlement, comprehensive regulatory integration management; Through collaborative to disease of public health system, get through the wall of hospital and primary care health institutions, change passive service to active service, put prevention first ideas into action. In addition, taiyuan for grassroots a cloud five side, namely health taiyuan cloud services platform, portal side, personal mobile terminal, IC card, 12320 hotline, remote live side, through online and offline medical resources, residents enjoy lecturing, expenses, listing query, inspection report query, home care and other medical services online. In the year to November, the medical service has 4. 1 million visitors; 12320 health hotline for Shanxi Province to provide health advice and complaints to report, suggested that praise, make an appointment service, years BanJieLv was 100%, and the return visit satisfaction continued in 99. More than 6%. In counties and townships integration reform, taiyuan relevant model is established, through informationization has realized the medical group at the county level and county, township and village levels to human, financial and health services, health care, service and management of six and six online platform, the remote consultation system, remote ecg system, remote inspection system, remote pathological system, remote video system, two-way referral system, convenient to the masses to see further.
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