Health-care negotiation mechanism under the new drug research and development path

by:Celecare     2020-05-15
On December 18 November 28, 2019, national health care medicine directory access negotiations results. Shortlisted for the drug prices fell to 60 on average. 7%, some species even more than 80%, your lowest price for imported drugs are also gives the global. To this, some domestic drug firms said confused: drug firms innovation enthusiasm will be affected? Since 2015, our country launched a series of reform measures, designed to speed up the drug approval for examination and approval, encourage innovative drug research and development. Creation of new revision of the pharmaceutical administration law, but also will encourage innovation to carry out the law. The national health insurance bureau also pointed out that in the current health care policy interpretation of negotiation, the thinking of the health-care negotiation is focused, swallow the short board, optimized structure, encourage innovation. Encourage innovation, therefore, is the national for drug research and development direction. But also should see, encourage innovation is not the same as countries to pay for every domestic drug firms to develop new drugs, more is not equal to give each listed on the new drug was awarded a gold medal from death. As we all know, the new drug r&d is huge, especially domestic innovation medicine enterprise, if can't get the support of the payer, recover upfront huge development costs, it is hard to stick to it. However, what is truly meaningful innovation? What kind of product innovation-oriented enterprises should develop? National health insurance bureau as the acquirer, through selective buying health talks, for new drug development enterprise future development project and decision has played a very good guide role. So, in the face of health talks, drug companies should be how to develop the layout? The author suggested that from the following three aspects. A, focusing on the clinical needs. For drug developers, generally care about drug mechanism. For innovation mechanism, the domestic medicine companies followed suit, so it's easy to a wave after wave of development hot spot. PD - such as popular in recent years 1 single, CAR - resistance T therapy, etc. , there are many enterprises investment funds development. And one of the largest pharmaceutical market buyers, the national health insurance bureau to pay more attention to the health care in negotiations is ginseng protect the patient's clinical needs. The focused - health talks - - - - - - Tumor, chronic diseases, as well as short - - - - - - - Rare diseases, children's drugs, and other areas of the treatment, the purpose is incorporated into a batch of new and high clinical value of drugs, as to meet the clinical needs. On the specific negotiation, to adapt to the credit to group as the main body. It is known that PD - 4 model 1 single resistance because of their different indications, were carried out in accordance with the different indications into different group price negotiations. And 6 c new drugs, it is by way of competitive negotiation, companies bidding, only allow two of the lowest full course fee into medical insurance directory, and promise two years no longer into the new similar drugs. Second, the generic blockbuster products carefully. To develop innovative drugs too hard; Generic blockbuster drugs have been incorporated into health care, according to the common name is automatically entered into medicare catalog, this way is workable? The health talks, foreign companies slashed prices to tell people actively, generic blockbuster products carefully. The new drugs into the health talks, 9 of the original product has become a hot of domestic medicine companies copied, generic manufacturers more than 10 ( See the table) 。 However, we see that the foreign enterprise in order to plunder blockbuster products market share, in the negotiations at significantly lower prices. Can see from the table, Ada wood sheet resistance, Glenn net and ray for plug piece of price decline of 83%, 73% and 59% respectively, more than 50%. National health insurance bureau's announcement, three kinds of hepatitis c treatment price decline in more than 85% on average, such as tumor, diabetes treatment price decline in the average at around 65%. This undoubtedly related generic manufacturers to bring huge competition pressure. Ada wood sheet resistance, for example, the President's biological similar drugs in early November has just approved the listed in our country, it is understood that the plan of pricing below 2000 yuan per unit. According to international practice, the price of similar biological medicine has larger relative space, its pricing generally can reach 70% of the original drug. And Ada wood single antigen sells for 7820 yuan, so the President's pricing is not low. But abbvie this big price cuts, Ada wood single antigen drug prices for each 1290 yuan only, far lower than the similar medicine of biology of peaceful of original price. The tiger to gain a foothold in the market, can only give a lower price. Given the current Ada wood single biological resistance similar drug development manufacturer with more than 30, the future fierce competition may push the drug of the unit price as low as one thousand yuan. If so, the related biological similar medicine enterprise whether can receive high development cost, when can profit, it is difficult to answer. Third, develop improved type of new drugs. The current health talks, the improved products have four domestic drug firms into medical insurance directory, namely the method of ai oprah injection dosage forms, east China pharmaceutical acarbose chewable, hubei in a day or two without sulfate compound amino acid ( 18AAV- SF) And Beijing ted lidocaine gel patch. This fully shows that not only new molecules is innovation, so long as has the clinical demand, can improve the clinical treatment, the improvement of dosage forms and formula can also be used as a sole product into health care through medicare negotiation directory. In the new into the medical insurance directory of western medicine, from multinational drug companies, products accounted for 71%. So, in the development of new drugs, domestic medicine companies still need to catch up, the simple imitation and me - T oo type innovation and can't persuade the payer largesse. Enterprises need fully prepared in new drug development, clinical research, market analysis and developed to meet the demand of clinical medicine.
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