Health bureau: gradually establish a medical service price dynamic adjustment mechanism

by:Celecare     2020-05-13
On 19th September 20, China's national health insurance bureau said in a news release, to promote the development of the medical career progress, better arouse the enthusiasm of the medical staff, and the national health insurance bureau attaches great importance to the medical service price reform work, to further meet the needs of China's medical and health technology high speed development, gradually establish a medical service price project reasonable and dynamic adjustment mechanism. At present, the public hospital reform in China is considered to be the most difficult task of reform of crack. In 2017, the public hospital comprehensive cancel drug addition, more synchronous adjustment of medical service prices. On the day of the national health insurance bureau released figures showing that much starker choices-and graver consequences-in period, the provinces to raise the price of technology value class medical service project number has more than half. Compared with the end of the twelfth five-year, each province medical price up 20% - class medical services 100%; Price rise of 40% - surgery medical services 150%; Price rise of 50% - care medical services 200%; Price rise of 20% - the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine medical services 60%. Around the next step, the national health insurance bureau will be further guidance is helpful to optimize the price structure, rationalize price comparison relationship of public hospital medical service price project reasonable mechanism with dynamic adjustment, timely will conditions mature new projects included in the national medical service price, support public hospitals to improve the medical service income of the total in a hospital. And to encourage conditional place to put the project into the scope of coverage. In 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly with multiple departments issued on the printed notice the opinions of promote the reform of the medical service price, around around public hospital reform, put forward overall consider canceling drug addition and the local government compensation policy, the synchronous adjustment of medical service prices, mainly to lower the price of large medical equipment inspection treatment and inspection, improve the diagnosis and treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, nursing, traditional Chinese medicine embodies medical staff technology such as labor value of medical service prices; On this basis, through regulating the behavior of diagnosis and treatment, reduce the cost of medicines and chemical reagents, consumables and other room, dynamic adjustment of medical service prices.
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