Hainan: 'slight illness not into the city, not out of the island' is a reality

by:Celecare     2020-07-04
On September 27, recently, the people's liberation army general hospital (hainan 301 hospital) Urological surgery for patients with a successful implementation of the machine to cut right kidney, workbench robot repairing kidney, renal transplantation, at the same time keep the kidney tumor resection in patients with giant. It is the first example surgery is hainan province. In recent years, with many high quality medical resources in hainan, local people delighted to discover that some of the original need to haikou and outside the province medical illness, now at home can get effective treatment. Han Yingwei, director of the hainan provincial health committee said: hainan medical and health cause late start, the poor foundation, since the province office of special economic zone, hainan for medical institutions from various channels to increase investment, expand, introduction and training talents, the introduction of capital, strengthen discipline construction, improve the level of medical treatment, slight illness not into the city, don't let people out of the island. This year, the combination of free trade area (in hainan Port) Construction, introduced in the country take the lead in exploring the health industry development planning of hainan province ( 2019 - 2025) ', the implementation of boao international medical tourism area, haikou city of biological medicine and translational medicine base and so on nine key projects. In the first half of 2019, hainan health industry added value of 66. 5. 3 billion yuan. The rapid development of medical health industry in hainan, let the doctor moved by the older. Hainan medical college second affiliated hospital of retirement radiologists Huang Huafang recalled, the fifties and sixties of the last century, at the beginning of the hospital building courtyard, living conditions, medical condition is not optimistic. The X-ray room encounter shortage of medical X-ray film. Film, patients are often unable to print out images of the examination, the doctor and patient are worried. Huang Huafang and colleagues prepared 30 a variety of chemical raw materials, production of medical X-ray film in a dark room. Huang Huafang said, with the subdivision, hainan hospital interdisciplinary treatment progress, the medical service informatization, outside the island talent exchange, more and more people no longer pursue island, in the island can solve difficult problems. Hainan in a county hospital project, 49 high-quality domestic hospitals and medical schools and hospitals in hainan helping set up cooperation relationship. Since the operation of the people's liberation army general hospital, hospital of hainan begin construction big couplet of sanya in the medical and sanya district 120 emergency command system, service coverage, lingshui, ledong, qionghai, sanya three sand and other cities and counties, realize resource optimize configure and high quality medical resources sink. In 2018, the hospital implementation MenZhenLiang 660000 person-time, annual charge capacity of more than 20000 people, for more than 9000 were. The introduction of high-quality medical resources, improve the management ability and service level of the hainan medical institutions. Hainan medical college second affiliated hospital to introduce good dean wang yi, led by the successful completion of hainan's first organ transplant team ABO blood group incompatibility relatives living donor renal transplantation; Tumor hospital of hainan province to introduce expert li-juan yu, creating nuclear medicine, according to preliminary statistics, the introduction of good good doctor has been to hainan, dean of the introduction of new technology for more than 210. Not long ago, boao international super hospital eye optical eye center esmebaby team to complete fluocinolone implanted in vitreous injection, used in the treatment of involvement in posterior segment of the chronic non-infectious uveitis, the boao super finished 14th the national's first hospital. Boao international medical tourism city of super hospital on the sidelines of a leading area, set up in 2013 to enjoy the State Council gives nine special policies. Area in the total introduction of signing academician expert team 51, 81 formal acceptance of investment projects, construction of 16, or trial operation, which opened nine medical institutions, clinical research on stem cells, cancer treatment, medical beauty fight decline, the respect such as assisted reproduction form industry gathered. The area has welcomed new opportunities. Four departments jointly issued by the China National Development and Reform Commission on the support construction of boao international medical tourism city of leading the implementation scheme is put forward, by 2025, the area in medical technology, equipment, drugs three synchronization with the international advanced level. In order to meet the demand of the people of different levels of health care, encourage social do medical, private practice in hainan. In sanya, health tourism demonstration base construction is advancing. Last year, Evergrande maternity hospital, Chinese flowering crabapple, guo international health community health park on a project started construction in succession. Free trade area (Han Yingwei, said the next step will develop hainan Port) Health system planning, the establishment of closer together, each other up and down, the coverage of medical and health service system. Optimize the environment of doing business at the same time, the medical health industry investment promotion and capital introduction, promote the international and domestic medical resources cooperation.
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