Fujian province health bureau use range widening post worker individual account!

by:Celecare     2020-05-14
On January 17, from fujian province medical insurance bureau recently hung on the improve employee basic medical insurance personal accounts management notice, clearly expanding worker in fujian province medical insurance personal accounts using range, can be used to oneself health check-up, prevention and vaccination, commercial health insurance and other expenses, and actively explore the family members all aid use, purchase the commercial health insurance products, etc. Comment on the industry that as one of comprehensive reform pilot provinces of fujian in the exploration of the province, can say to high-profile worker medical insurance personal account changes played a note in the arm. Individual account in urgent need of transformation design according to the national health care system, worker health care as a whole fund is mainly used for inpatient and outpatient service a serious illness, individual account is mainly used for outpatient medical expenses. Industry expert analysis, the worker medical insurance personal accounts funds of large amount of precipitation and the value difficulties, low rate of return of the status quo, at the same time due to the personal account fund separation of ownership and use right, Ownership of personal but required according to the medical insurance fund use) , leading to a personal cash and abuse of impulse is larger, management difficulty and cost are large. Nationally, the worker medical insurance fund balance scale, in which growth is significantly faster than individual account as a whole fund. The 2018 statistics bulletin of the the development of basic medical security, according to a 2018 worker medical insurance fund income 1. 3538 trillion yuan. One employee health insurance fund income 824. 1 billion yuan, an increase of 7. 8%; As a whole fund spending 649. 4 billion yuan, an increase of 12. 7%; As a whole fund the current balance of 174. 7 billion yuan, the cumulative balance of 1. 1466 trillion yuan. Employee health insurance personal accounts income 529. 7 billion yuan, an increase of 14. 3%; Individual account spending 421. 2 billion yuan, an increase of 13. 7%; Individual account current accumulated 108. 4 billion yuan, the total accumulated 728. 4 billion yuan. Because of this, the thought of medical insurance personal accounts function transformation and measures is one of the priorities of governments. Health bureau of fujian in the policy interpretation also points out that in recent years, with the constant improvement of basic medical insurance system, individual account tube outpatient service function has been weakened, overall efficiency is not high; Individual account funds for personal all at the same time, the lack of fraternal function, can't effectively play a social medical insurance fund safeguard function. It is understood that the fujian in the file has been clear about the individual account to pay for using range in addition to the conventional ginseng protect personnel in the medical establishment that decide a dot outpatient and hospitalization, medical expenses shall be borne by the individual, in the designated retail drug store to buy drugs, medical devices and disinfection supplies fee, preventive vaccination in the medical establishment that decide a dot cost of 2 kinds of vaccines, can also be used in the regulation of health physical examination fee, physical examination institutions pay large medical expenses subsidiary medical insurance premium and pay check in medical insurance fixed-point medical have combined with pension institutions more than 70 - year - old action inconvenience, severe disability in patients with chronic disease beds. Among them, the payment will extend to the therapeutic health check-up, prevention, screening program is particularly noteworthy. To this, the analysis thinks, although there are many research data identification mark moved forward, prevention can effectively save health care costs, but estimates the or and fujian are the worker medical insurance personal account balance and too much more than the balance as a whole fund has a greater relationship. Accelerate the dock with the shang bao last November, we will deepen reform of the medical and health system of the State Council leading group issued by 'about further promotion of sanming city, fujian province and the deepening medical and health system reform experience of notice has been mentioned, in old-age municipal medical insurance fund as a whole, on the basis of considering regional population scale, the provincial management ability, the difference of cities and counties in the fund balance of payments, the factors such as management system, the support conditional place to explore actively yet prudently advance provincial plan as a whole. Account of individual of worker health care policy reform, and improve the basic medical insurance fund use efficiency. Encourage regions such as the comprehensive reform pilot provinces take the lead in exploring the actual, accumulate experience. Look from the situation around, China's current selection of individual account throughout the reform and improve the idea was to extend the safeguard object, broaden the scope of protection. The fujian also broaden the function of personal account to use, put forward to encourage buying domestic commercial health insurance, ginseng protect personnel to use personal account to buy links up with insurance of primary medical treatment, not commercial health insurance with characteristics of financial investment, research and development of the social security card and commercial insurance company direct settlement insurance cost. In combination with now the background of our country insurance market further opening to the outside world, the fujian province to explore if can have ideal performance, will be expected to speed up the medical insurance personal accounts the improvement of the docking with the commercial insurance policy, health insurance personal accounts to play a bigger role in the field of health care.
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