Fujian: 20 varieties of monitored large hospital outage

by:Celecare     2020-07-02
On December 12, for a long time, fujian is reform pilot experimental field, and the vanguard of sanming mode, or take the lead in linkage 4 + 7, it gives the temperament and style of the province of positive change, the it will focus on monitoring drug kicked out in public hospitals in the market, or to play a leading role for other provinces. Basic farewell ▍ 20 varieties, fujian market on December 10, fujian medical insurance bureau issued documents, classifying joint limit sunlight procurement hang web directory adjustment, in the directory of a shuttle, listed as the national key monitoring be deleted - - - - - - - 20 varieties, basic farewell fujian market. Since the country issued the first batch of national key after monitoring the rational use of drugs and drug catalogue, many provinces and cities also follow up the ground directly, monitored directory, a local version and basic are brought into the 20 varieties. To some extent, the policy of the most aggressive in fujian province, directly from the directory to delete, means that at least 20 varieties to withdraw from the fujian province public hospital market. According to the Chinese government network information center released by the end of September 2019 the number of medical institutions ', fujian aggregate 27710 medical and health institutions, including hospitals, 657, 26517 grassroots medical institutions, 451 professional public health agencies. That is to say, in 657 hospitals of large public hospital, to eliminate the 20 drugs. Fujian said, in order to further improve the drug joint limit sunlight procurement mechanism, to ensure clinical medication requirements, increasing the service efficiency of medical insurance fund, and to promote rational drug use, through research, decided to joint limit sunlight procurement network directory classify adjustment. Special adjustment: directory supplemented: insurance class a drugs, the national essential drugs, the comprehensive evaluation can be supplemented; Belong to when new b rounds national health insurance varieties, selection basis supplemented through the expert, the specific scheme shall be separately formulated; Belong to the state to negotiate drug net according to the needs of relevant documents. On the monitored by catalog cuts: be deleted; National health insurance directory excluding varieties belong to delete them out according to the pharmaceutical supervisory and administrative regulations; The rest of the national health insurance directory excluding varieties in expert key argument evaluation scope. Files clear, belongs to the new directory, the first batch of products through the net in the form of inquiry after product net according to the current rules of dynamic adjustment, according to a product through the quality of generic drugs and curative effect evaluation consistency supplement hang web directory, the first batch of products according to the quotation from low to high established that not more than three evaluation of drugs to be hanging nets, then product the net under the current rules of dynamic adjustment, not a review of generic drugs will not be supplemented the net. But cuts directory, directory of all products shall be revoked, screening. Which according to the pharmaceutical supervisory and administrative regulations can be legally sold, such as clinical does demand can be according to the provincial health office, provincial health development planning commission 'about printing & lt; Fujian province medical insurance fixed-point medical institutions and drug registration measures for the management of purchasing & gt; Notice ( Fujian medical insurance office (2017) no. 130) Provisions for the record. ▍ monitored varieties, chance to meet again on July 1st, the national WeiJianWei medical hospital authority issued about print and distribute the first batch of national key monitoring the rational use of drugs and drug directory ( The medicine and biological products) The notice. Documents released 20 drugs and biological products catalog, for medical institutions to establish a focus on monitoring the rational use of drugs and drug management system, strengthen the management of directory in the whole process of the drug in clinical application. Varieties of drug use unreasonable problems, take the ranking report, rectification within a time limit, out of the directory, the agency's drug supply to ensure the rational use of drugs. In then publish the catalogue of the new health care, countries will pay limits, monitored drugs an adjuvant. Past medical insurance directory overall easing, bring up the drugs are generally rarely used drugs, the new directory directly will be monitored directory callout to pay limits, suggests that health bureau limit invalid auxiliary drug takes up the determination of the medical insurance fund. In addition, the ban on local supplementary medical insurance directory, and cut off the drug firms curve saving scheme. File regulation, provinces shall not increase the drug itself, the original directory at the provincial level supplement b class of drugs, should be gradually digested in 3 years. And the blue after parker from authoritative sources confirmed that local supplementary medical insurance directory varieties v arrangement, respectively is: 1, monitored directory drugs took the lead out medical insurance directory; 2, the rest of supplemental directory in principle completed within three years, three years cleaning varieties proportion were 40%, 40% and 20% respectively. Ago, parts of the directory varieties, although not version into the national health insurance directory, but it is a local supplementary medical insurance directory, the curve of the coverage plan is terminated, the influence of the relevant enterprises and deadly.
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