From the guangxi: high quality medical resources sink 'small place' can also have a crush on 'experts'

by:Celecare     2020-06-22
On November 26, the grassroots medical treatment need not run around, small place can also look great experts in recent years, from the county by county of guangxi medical body construction, drive high quality medical resources, gradual grading diagnosis and treatment, ease the difficulty and high cost of treatment, the masses go to a doctor to get improved and the feeling of satisfaction. Past due to technical limited, lack of medical resources, some are difficult to diagnose diseases of patients only to higher level hospital. Bears from the county township central hospitals doctor farmers said, now through medical body construction, the superior hospital experts to the grassroots, grassroots hospital for patients with more attractive, hospital number is more than twice as before. December 30, 2016, starting from the county and township medical service reform work, pushing forward the construction of the county medical total body to promote high-quality medical resources sink, let people can enjoy high quality medical service at home. WeiJian bureau officials said, from the county in 2018, three public hospitals at the county level will work 32 medical personnel stationed in towns and townships, and 12 high qualification doctor appointed as vice President of the towns and townships. By participating in institutes of daily management, to carry out treatment and technical mentoring, guidance office signing the family doctor service, etc. , effectively alleviate the shortage of grassroots health institutions technician from the county, weak technical problems, such as raising the level of medical services in the towns and townships. Now the superior dispatching hospital doctor, in the mountains of the patients can receive timely treatment. Dingdong from the county town center hospital dean pan said such as cotton, institutes of medical staff will be on a regular basis to study the superior hospital exercise, improve the level of technology. County medical total body construction effectively left patients in the grassroots. Such as cotton, pan patients mistrust of grassroots medical institutions and technological level in the past, no matter ailment of a serious illness, all ran large hospital, and now at the grassroots level can enjoy the high quality medical resources. WeiJian from the county bureau of statistics, in 2018 total hospitalized eight from the county. 40000 people, including 85 JiuZhenLv in the county. 83%, year-on-year growth of 2 in 2017. 92%. D a total body construction effectively relieves the grassroots medical institutions talent shortage problem. After the hospital business income is low, work hard, can't even pay it quickly, the doctor how to retain. Bears Zhou Ruiquan township center hospitals dean said, since the construction of developing medical body, MenZhenLiang and hospital has increased, the number of towns and townships business income increased, the medical staff income also will increase, medical staff enthusiasm is higher.
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