From 'passive visit' to 'active service' - — Chongqing grassroots health care experiences

by:Celecare     2020-05-25
Recently, on Jan. 15, chongqing chengkou temple town center hospital treated for a heart disease patients. Immediately sees a doctor to the patient wear a remote ecg monitoring equipment, related data are real-time transmission to the county-level hospitals. Just more than 10 minutes, the relevant diagnostic results came out, the patient got treated in recent years, chongqing targeted planning medical strong at the grass-roots level, to improve the medical service, swallow the grassroots medical board. Since last year, chongqing liangping area financial investment of more than 1600 ten thousand yuan, for the jurisdiction of the grassroots medical institutions or the colour to exceed, DR, ambulance and other facilities. The government do medical duties, safeguard financial investment to alleviate the hospital survival pressure and with strong facilities to enhance the momentum. Liangping area double Emily huang, director of the guangxi street community health service center for the government to strengthen the investment in health care changes obviously. Hospital environment, the improvement of medical facilities, benefit the masses. Reporter recently in an interview double cassia street community health service center, many parents with vaccination of children can independent number, orderly queue, orderly. The community health service center digital vaccination clinics just putting-in-service proactively soon, for patients, by automatically take number, order queue, vaccination is more convenient, specification. Strengthen rural hospitals, community health service center service ability construction, build town 15 minutes, 30 minutes of rural medical services, chongqing visit passive to active service. In dadukou district of chongqing jin feng community, more than 70 - year - old uncle weeks patients with cerebral infarction and long-term is ill in bed. Because the illness is aggravating, for more than a year, chunhui road street community health service center of doctor xin-wei cao home two or three times a week, provide service to the big ye zhou. Old man you have hypoalbuminemia, common should pay attention to eat some more high protein food, but food is not greasy, otherwise easy to have loose bowels. Xin-wei cao to big ye zhou cleaning necrotic tissue, for the treatment of pressure ulcers parts at the same time, can according to the condition change, timely put forward the proposal. After a meticulous care and treatment, the condition of big ye zhou has eased significantly. Over the years, through strengthening investment, clinical ability of medical institutions at the grass-roots level had the very big enhancement, but many places, or sits mournfully empty, the reason is that people don't trust. Chunhui road street community health service center director bao hong said, reconstruction of doctor-patient trust, will be signing the family doctor service do fine, is an important breakthrough. Dadukou district has more than 60 family doctor team, active in the community. I usually in the hospital outpatient service in the morning, afternoon can provide door-to-door service for signing. Xin-wei cao said, don't wait for the patient to the door, but to give the patient service door to door, this is the advantage of community doctors. In the community to run every day, Cao Dafu name is becoming more and more loud and clear, everyone has a headache brain hot, are willing to look for him. Visit passive to active service, and convenient for patients, grassroots medical institutions also tasted the sweets. Chunhui road street community health service center combined with patient demand, launched 10 kinds of family doctor value-added service package, including physical therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, slow disease control, etc. Because the doctor familiar with the patient condition, value-added service package design targeted, promotion effect is very good. Bao teach hong said. Establish close cooperation mechanism, relying on medical couplet body let basic-level hospitals become bigger and stronger; To build the remote information platform, let the victim enjoy expert resources to build the city - nearby Area - Evaluated integratedly medical network, well can make patients in time to see the doctor, the disease, and is an important method of chongqing medical strong at the grass-roots level. In rongchang WuJia Town, many patients can now never leave town, enjoy experts visit nearby. In recent years, the institutes WuJia Town center configured for remote image consultation platform, patients can through the system, and the superior hospital experts real-time wires, realize the scientific diagnosis and treatment. WuJia Town center hospital dean yi is strong, based on a clinical images, ecg, access to information platform, rongchang district medical resources can radiation to the villages and towns, many frequently-occurring disease, common disease in primary diagnosis can be achieved.
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